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G7 3 in 1 Gu Manh 12 sachet x 25g white sugared instant coffee

G7 3 in 1 Gu Manh 12 sachet x 25g white sugared instant coffee
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This is for the serious coffee drinker and suitable for your mug. At 60 % more coffee you can have a seriously larger or stronger cup of coffee.

The same blend as the first true gourmet instant coffee we have tasted and comparable to the original as beign compared to over 30 other popular brands and being far richer and having  the full-bodied flavor that is absent from most instant coffee. Made in the Trung Nguyen commissioned a state-of-the-art Italian-built facility in Buon Me Thuot to process G7 3-in-1 in 2005 and it has been the top Asian "white coffee" since. The reason is simple - it is the only instant coffee in the world that is processed from green, unroasted beans, and is powdered and roasted in the same operation. This process preserves more flavor and results in a smooth and non-bitter coffee. All other manufacturers use brewed coffee that is then freeze-dried in one fashion or another, which creates bitterness. The G7 has its own unique taste, different from the Trung Nguyen brewed coffees, and fans of G7 will accept no substitute! This is great cup of coffee to bring with you when travelling or when you don't want to brew. All you need is hot water and you can have gourmet coffee anywhere... in your hotel, at breakfast, when camping or on the road travelling, etc. It's the ultimate in convenience. G7 is also available immediately as 2 in 1 (sweetened) and the cappuccino range. Please note: Although the non-dairy creamer ingredients are 100% milk-free casein a milk derivative. All G7 products are independently tested for safety and purity by third-party labs in Germany and Malaysia, and its ingredients NEVER come from China. G7 is also trans-fat free with ~65 calories per serving, ~15% of calories from vegetable fats, and only 8 grams sugar per sachet. One sachet makes a standard 6 ounce cup. Use 2 sachets for a flavoursome mug of coffee. Ingredients; Glucose, non diary creamer(palm oil), soluble coffee 13% small quantity of Caesin

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