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Gout de Paris 250g with 2 Espresso Phin and 2 iced coffee spoons

Gout de Paris 250g with 2 Espresso Phin and 2 iced coffee spoons
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Gout de paris x 1 pack two stainless steel iced coffe spoon and 2 Espresso Phin with free shipping - this is not 450g of coffee

The name Gout de Paris literally translates to taste of Paris or good taste of Paris. The name is a reflection of the French style roast being long and hot and typically double cracked roast where one crack is the steam being released from the bean in the roasting process and the second is the oils and cells walls breaking down from the high temperature.

French roast coffee is thus considered to be a double roast coffee, which is a category of dark roasted coffee characterized by and intense and smoky-sweet flavor with light mouth feel.

During the roasting process, the internal temperature of the coffee beans reaches a whopping 240 degrees C (464 degrees F). As coffee roasts get "darker", the color of the coffee beans darkens and more coffee oils appear on the surface. As a darker roast, French roast coffee beans are very dark brown and shimmering with oil. They are also at the end of what's called the "second crack". This means they have cooked enough to make two cracking noises during the roasting; one from releasing steam and another from cooking enough that the cell walls break down and release oils to the surface of the beans.

Compared to lighter roasts (such as the medium roast Vienna coffee, which is characterized by a pronounced caramel note, or cinnamon light roast coffee, which is highly acidic), French roast coffee is far less acidic and very roasted in flavor. It often has a charred note like charcoal.

The beans are sourced from the Highland coffee region of Vietnam and Mr Coung the owner of Viet-Coffee Vietnam selects the best beans for this flavoursome coffee blend
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