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Creative 5 (sang Tao) ground 340g x 14 with shipping

Creative 5 (sang Tao)  ground 340g x 14 with shipping
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The Culi Arabica is a world-class, multi-source, peaberry blended coffee. The Creative #5 is a coffeehouse favorite beacuse if it's intense flavour. Culi Arabica is easily comprable to other world-class coffees from Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, etc. with many self-selecting the Culi Arabica over ANY OTHER coffee they have offered.

This is a fragrant heirloom Arabica coffee with a complexity in the low tones one might expect from gourmet Robusta or Excelsa coffee. There is not a hint of objectionable modern hybrid licorice or barley taste. It is a favorite in winter due to its comforting dark, peaberry edge and broad flavor range. It has a haunting aftertaste that commands a second cup. In the summer it has an edge that makes it a unique and superb iced coffee.

You can go in many directions brewing the Creation #5. It's an Arabica that can be brewed lightly to provide a superbly balanced breakfast-style coffee, but it also is a peaberry, dark coffee that can be brewed strong to provide a Full City Roast intensity with no bitterness.

To brew light, you may want to use as little as a level tablespoon per cup. But you can go as strong as you like, even stacking it high in a Phin filter to get an espresso-like result. This is a coffee that is immensly versatile and fun, and for many Trung Nguyen fans, it's their favorite all-round blend.

For home brewing, the pre-ground is perfect for cone-filter drip machines, percolators, cold-brewing, Phin filters and French Press, so you typically won't get any flavor advantage from grinding it yourself.

Enjoy the Full Creative Coffee range and check out the rest of the Creative Coffee range on our site.

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