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Creative 1 (Sang Tao 1) 340g ground Trung Nguyen

Creative 1 (Sang Tao 1) 340g ground  Trung Nguyen
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The Vietnamese and TrungNguyen pioneered and perfected the Robusta variety over a hundred years ago. Yet in the late 20th century, much of the gourmet quality of this heirloom variety was lost due to improper cultivation and harvesting. The Culi Robusta is Trung Nguyen's triumphant return to the best gourmet Robusta in the world. There simply is no other source that exemplifies the true potential of gourmet, heirloom Robusta raised in the perfect climate, picked at peak ripeness, and sun-dried for up to 100 days to achieve the full ripeness and wonderful flavor tones that cannot be duplicated in water-washed coffees.

Creative Coffee is grown in the Buon Me Thuot highland coffee region famous in Vietnam as an ideal highland coffee region, both for it's rich soil and climate.

Creation #1 is an extremely full-bodied coffee, partially Culi or "peaberry mix, that fills the room with superior aroma. Some can detect a chocolaty flavor, too, that originates from the long ripening process. It is difficult to describe this coffee to those who have never had access to a gourmet heirloom Robusta, and who have been told that only Arabica coffee can be exceptional. This is one of the world's best gourmet "cheap thrills". Because of the prolific growth of Robusta, this coffee is available in a price range well below its worth in quality.

It makes an excellent, strong iced coffee. However, the Culi Robusta does not store well as an iced coffee, so it should be served only on the day it is brewed.

The Culi Robusta is a high-caffeine coffee, with about 40% more caffeine than most Arabicas. It's hard to brew this coffee too strong. as it has few faults. It performs in most drip machines at one level tablespoon, add more for a deeper flavour. It can be doubled up in a Phin or French Press for an espresso intensity. It also fantastic as a mixer for improving the flavor of that expensive Arabica coffee you have in your pantry that you were disappointed with. Blend your own Arabica/Robusta mix and you will join the millions who say "Wow!" over Culi Robusta in any form.

Robusta is a superior coffee for those who like to drink their coffee with cream and sugar, since it has been lab-proven that Robusta flavors are not masked by cream and sugar, unlike many Arabicas.

Enjoy the Full Creative Coffee range and check out the rest of the Creative Coffee range on our site.
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