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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

Viet-Coffee will process all orders within 2 working days of receipt of payment.

Covid and Natural disasters have made shipping delays much more likely. We will update you as soon as we are clear there is a delivery problem. Time sensitive orders need to be identified so that we can give you our best advice

Australian orders may be delivered by Australia Post, Fastway couriers, Courier Australia and other couriers recommneded to us by Interparcel or Sendle - there may be area exclusions for certain couriers, eg Fastway; New Zealand and other overseas orders are shipped by shipping ordered through either Australia Post or Interparcel, It may be UPS or some other courier  Note TNT does not handle food products. Fastway Shiping must be cofirmed prior to purchase as Satchel rates are not available all areas and your order be moved to another courier eg moved form Fastway to Australia Post without advice.

Only Australia Post can deleiver to PO Boxes and Australia Post Post Lockers.l

Express post service is available for an additional fee that may be purchased off our site at the tine of your order. EFt Payments may be accepted for late advice of Express shipping but one the parcel is shipped no changes can be made.

A delivery fee will need to be applied to your order unless you can arrange for pick up or your order includes free shipping. (See Below) If you want local pick up you will have to make arrangements to pick up the coffee from Perth, Western Australia. Fastway and Australia Post delivery usually take between 3 - 10 business days, depending on location; areas outside of the Central Business District do take longer. Queensland is a long way away from us in WA so is a bit longer but usually within the 10 working days.

Some times couriers take a little longer to deliver - please be patient - if you have any question about a delayed order contact us and we will update you with whom to contact. Both Fastway and Australia Post may leave a contact card for you to call; in the case of Australia Post  try ringing your local post offices to see if the parcel has been left there when you were not home. If delivery was attempted and you are not home a card is left directing you to a nearby Australia post outlet. Please take the card to collect your parcel from your local Australia Post store. For Fastway a redelivery option is available or go to a collection point close to you;  please contact them to arrange this.

We use tracking services and you will usually be sent a tracking number so that you can follow your parcel along the way. Please request one from info@viet-coffee.com.au if you want one and did not receive an email.

Most parcels will be sent by  Australia Post as ATL. Special delivery instructions may be indicated in the notes section of your order however we have no control over the couriers abioity to comply with your instructions.

Customers may or may not be asked for a signature. If you want a parcel to be left in your absence, that is, you have specifically requested Authority to Leave (ATL), you accept responsibility for loss of the parcel and acknowledge by this request that Viet-coffee is not liable for your loss. We don't specifically insure parcels except for commercial shipments,

Fastway and Australia Post may return parcels that are undeliverable. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to look out for and respond to calling cards left about unsuccessful delivery attempts. Parcels that are returned will incur a redelivery fee .

Austrtalia Post and Fastway have redirection options but you need to negotiate this with them direct. Australia Post requires a login with them for redirection additional fees may apply.

Parcels do get lost. The loss rate is less than one half of one per cent but when it's yours it is a 100% loss for you. Both Australia Post and Fastway are notorious for the difficulty experienced by customers trying to resolve delivery problems and or make Claims. Fastway will refuse claims not lodged within 30 days of collection from Viet-Coffee.

If you are not going to be available to accept delivery for 2 weeks or more please don't order until you will be available or make alternative arrangements for the parcel delivery as Australia Post sends your parcel back to us when it is not collected from your local Australia Post shop from a failed delivery. The shipping was paid for and Australia post delivered the service but you don't have the coffee order we do. This is not a win win as the postage has to be paid for again. You won't want to pay and neither will we!

If you are in a secure complex without concierge service you will need to make alternative arrangements for your parcel collection. Australia Post will transfer the parcel to a nearby Australia Post Office and Fastway have parcel collection depots. If you are not sure please contact us so we can work our your shipping solution in advance.
There are now parcel Collect services for Fastway that may be a solution and Australia Post has Parcel lockers.
For the Fastway satchel shipping option you are required to verify that you are eligible for this service - send a text to 0409642770 with your suburb and postcode and we will advise as soon as we are able your eligibility. Ordering Fastway satchel service is not a guarantee it is available and we may recoup additional shipping charges incurred via point redemption or request additional funds or cancel and refund your order, all of which will be time consuming.

Here is a map of Fastway coverage
Perth area for satchels is the brown area, Where there is a dot there is service and some of the areas in between as indicated by the white. Not all of the white is covered and you may need to use parcell collect agent where there is an agent that will accept a parcel on your behalf for you to collect later.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Shipping or your order. - If you think the shipping charge is too much the store may not have calculated the shipping correctly; use the contact form or email info@viet-coffee.com.au or text 0409642770 or call.

The following sections of the store have shipping built into the price.

New Zealand delivered - special selection of coffee that will ship to NZ with no extra charge for shipping not always available and have a few quirks to access so please contact us - usually most economic shipping rate is 5 kg or more

BX1 - this is usually 5 packs of 250g coffee or 2 x 500g coffee - there is no extra charge for shipping with these and we cannot ship to NZ at this price it is available for NZ wioth the purchase of a Shipping supplement

Bulk Pack - this is usually 9 to 10 x 250 g or 4 or 5 x 500g packs of coffee - still no extra shipping charge with these and cannot ship to NZ at this price although a shipping surchage can be purchased at the time or ordering.

5KG with shipping - this is usually the equivalent of 18 x 250g packs of coffee - with no extra charge for shipping and cannot ship to NZ at this price although a shipping surchage can be purchased at the time or ordering.

Click on the links above to get to those sections of the store

What does a search for Fastway shipping look like? Cut and paste this address   https://www.fastway.com.au/tools/quick-quote#


To Check if you are eligible for Fastway Satchels use this link - enter from Perth and in to your suburb,  3 in the shipping weight and click on the quote button. It will display a number of options and  you must see Satchels with a dollar value or if it looks expensive then that is the true cost of using Fastway to your area and there is no satchel service to your area.

belwo shows satchels - you can use Fastway

Below shows expensive shippgin no satchels to your area



Not sure plase feel free to ask

Shipping oincludes the price of the Satchel or box. Both Australia Post and Fastway charge for satchels so although you may see cheaper shipping this weill not usually include the satchel itself.

Return Policy

Returns will only be accepted for faulty or incorrect goods. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for change of mind or unwanted orders. Hand made products will by their nature contain slight imperfections; these are not considered to be faults, rather marks of authenticity. Pashmina's; silk scarves and shawls and all lacquer ware fit into this category. We will send detailed photos of the product on request if you have any doubts.

We know we have quality products, we use them ourselves, so we stand behind the products we sell. If you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase please contact us immediately and you may return the products for refund or exchange.

Please always check your delivery against your order and the invoice provided. If you find a discrepancy please report it to us within 24 hours of receiving your goods for prompt resolution.

Returns Process:

To return an item, please send it to: Viet-Coffee, 29 Reynolds Rd, Applecross, WA 6153 . Include the following information:

  • Your Order number if known (appears on the confirmation email)
  • Your name and address
  • A description of the item you are returning
  • Whether you would like a refund or replacement.

If you experience any problems with our shopping cart or products received, in Australia please contact us immediately. Call or text us on 0416640940  or e-mail info@viet-coffee.com.au to obtain further instructions. If we don't answer the same day we are probably in Vietnam and email is the best contact method especially around summer holidays.

In Australia we ship our Vietnamese Coffee to Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, ACT and Western Australia. We also ship to New Zealand, there is a shipping included section in the store and the bulk pack and 5kg packs will have to pay extra for postage to New Zealand. Please contact us for the additional charges.(Usually bulk pack $10 and 5 Kg pack $20.

Overseas shipments can be arranged but a request for quote is required and in many instances will add 100% or more to the cost of your order. The site is not set up for overseas orders aside from New Zealand (except for shipping included items; please contact is if you are not sure how to progress an order that includes shipping) so contact us for a shipping price to NZ for all items that include shipping.

National shipping rates for Australia Post have the following breakdown:

 0 - 500g shipping weight about $9 but can now br 5 x  250g pack of coffee

(500g boxes may have outside package removed to access cheaper shipping )

501 g to just under 3 kg approx $12.75

Eg from 6 x 250g packs of coffee to 10 x 250g packs

3kg to just under 5kg approx $15.50

Eg 12 packs of 250g to 18 x 250g packs of coffee

Fastway  may not be available in your area - Fastway cannot deliver to PO Boxes and parcel lockers.

Australia Post has the monopoly here.


For Secure complexes parcel locker or parcel connect services are available for you.

How to get best value from shipping packs with Viet-coffee and


Shipping rates vary from location to location. You are not eligible for Fastway satchels if you provide a PO Box Address, parcel locker or are outside of Fastway shipping Zone


Australia Post has 4 main shipping sizes and due to our buying power we pass on our current 12.5% savings direct to you. Australia Post is ruthless with overweight  so we have to be quite strict on shipping weight which includes the packaging..  There are 4 sizes of Satchel and the packaging forms part of the shipping weight ranges  – Australia Post Delivers across Australia for the same fixed fee when calcualted at checkout. They charge more now for more remote areas but we average out the cosrt

Australia Post

Fastway – must check satchel availability


Up to 5 x 250 or 4x  340g


Up to 2 x 250 g  or  2 x 340g

Medium - up to 10 x 250 g


Up to 5 x 250 g  or  4x 340g


Up to 11 x 250 g or 8 x 340g


Up to 10 x 250 g or 8 x 340g

5 kg

Up to 9 x 500 g or 16 x 340 g


10 x 500g  or


When you order if you stay within  the recommended ranges then you will get value as you move up in order size due to the relative shipping charge going down

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about shipping or if you want to see shipping costs via Fastway. b– here is a link if you want to check - https://www.fastw.ay.com.au/tools/quick-quote/


Not sure please ask and we will help you get best value from your order – BX1,  Bulk packs and 5kg sections of the store already have shipping savings built in

Speed of delivery

The speed of processing your order will affect shipping time. A number of factors affect this including payment type and ordering day and time and whether it is a weekend or public holiday. Remember that Western Australia may have different public holidays from the Eastern States eg the Queens Birthday holiday is late September Early October.

EFT payments can take several days or longer depending on your bank;  some banks are very quick and payments through Osco payments network are supposed to be instant. Most Credit Unions and many but not all banks allow this type of payment. PayPal payments are treated as paid immediately and processed that evening and we do not wait for funds to clear as we do with EFT payments.

We usually start processing orders in the evening so if you want an urgent order processed please contact us so if we are able to we may start processing early. We usually process on Sunday through to Thursday evening as the post office is open the next day to accept parcel lodgement. Orders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually processed on Sunday evening except public holidays. See Business days below*

We know you will love the rich aroma and smooth taste of our coffee.
Taste it... enjoy it!

Thank you for visiting our web-site.

*A business day is Monday to Friday - delivery times are estimates and do not include Saturday or Sunday or public holidays. eg Order on Friday of a long weekend and delivery on the Monday week is only 6 working/business days although actual days counted is 11. Sorry we don't make these things up its just how long it takes the courier companies to get your parcel from us to you.

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