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History of our Vietnamese Coffee in Australia

Vietnamese Coffee in Australia

Viet-Coffee brings you 3 popular brands of Vietnamese coffee in Australia - Vietcoffee, Indochine and Trung Nquyen.

Coffee is the second highest value commodity traded in the world and Vietnam is a major player with Government and producer supported programs focused on sustainability and quality improvement. Viet-coffee is now able to bring to Australian and New Zealand coffee lovers high quality coffee products at value for money prices. When you buy Viet-coffee coffee products rest assured they are produced using sustainable processes to the highest standard for the Australasian coffee market.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

The Highland coffee region of Vietnam is one of the world’s “ top 10” coffee growing regions, combining the right attributes of altitude, soil and natural drying conditions for producing the finest of gourmet coffees. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world.

In 1996 Trung Nguyen was a small business processing these fine gourmet coffee’s in Saigon city. Vietnam had just risen once again to be in the world’s biggest producers of coffee.

The owner of Trung Nguyen coffee saw their future changing from being a successful coffee processor to becoming an integrated independent producer. By following best practice in growing and processing techniques they have now become a world class coffee producer and distributor of Vietnamese coffee.

In 1998 Trung Nguyen brought new inspiration to the opulent streets of Saigon with the slogan ‘new coffee lifestyle’. Saigon was captivated by the rich authentic Vietnamese coffee sold through the Trung Nguyen coffee shops.

In 2000 Trung Nguyen expanded to the south west province by opening more branches across the provinces and cities in Vietnam. Soon after Trung Nguyen expanded to Cambodia, Singapore, Japan and America.

Viet-Coffee is proud to continue to provide great coffee, great prices and great service on internet shopping for Trung Nguyen in Australia.


In Jun 2000 Vietcoffee established itself in Vietnam specializing in processing roasted coffee and instant ginger tea. The Vietcoffee coffee range includes two whole bean espresso’s and five different lines of ground coffee

Espresso – whole bean
  • Italian Espresso and Saigon Espresso being a blends of Vietnam’s Arabica, Robusta and Peaberry beans, specially selected from the famous highland plantations in Buon Me Thuot to make a delicious espresso. Saigon Phin Daklak is also available as a ground coffee in a similar style.
Ground coffee
  • American Moka is considered the international blend achieved through the blending specially selected Arabica, Robusta and Peabery coffees.
  • Gout de Paris emulates the flavours of France with a greater emphasis on Peaberry beans with dark roast beans, blended to give special moka and butter flavors
  • Huong Chon or Lady Fox emulates the flavours of ‘Weasel’ coffee of rich taste and heady aroma without the high cost. This is a great pick me up.
  • Hazelnut has a greater emphasis on the Arabica beans with hazelnut flavours for the smooth nutty taste.
  • Saigon Phin Daklak is a ground filter coffee made from blended coffees combined with soybean as would the Europeans blend coffee with chicory for a mellow flavoured coffee.
To discover the real taste of Vietnamese coffee in Australia contact Viet-coffee.com.au.

Viet-Coffee (Australia) is the chosen agent to distribute for Vietcoffee products.

Indochine Estates

Indochine Estates Coffee orginated in Seattle, USA. Coffee production take place in Saigon, Vietnam and their family growers are based in Dalat. Their mission is to produce the best tasting, highest quality products, using the finest coffee grown in Vietnam, and the Indochine region.

An integral part of their mission is to develop their community with 10% of their earnings going back to serve the communities within which we operate. Indochine Estates are proud of our fair-trade practices and commitment to allocating 10% of the company's earnings toward projects benefiting local communities.

Indochine Estates specialize in the growing and roasting of delicious Bourbon Arabica coffee. The special quality of their products is a reflection of 50 years of meticulous coffee cultivation in Dalat, the highest altitude-coffee-growing region of Vietnam. Their Bourbon Arabica beans share the same coffee family that has made Papua New Guinea and Jamaican Blue Mountains coffee famous with its nutty, full-bodied, and floral aroma.

A small-estates farming technique and smaller-batch production allow Indochine Estates to guarantee the quality of our coffee at every stage from the tree to your cup. The quality and heritage of our products complement the concept of specialty food establishments. Indochine products have already received the endorsement of many hard-to-please customers in the US, Europe and Asia.

Audio link for information about Vietnamese coffee 'Buzzing with Beans' an ABC National Radio Production (30 Mins)

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