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About our site and Vietnames coffee, Trung Nguyen coffee, Metrang Coffee and EMC coffee online

Vietnamese Café Culture – Let’s taste it and enjoy it .

Viet-Coffee's powerhouse is Van Tran, she has a long and rich history of coffee in Vietnam where she worked in her parent's coffee house. She worked with her family in blending their own special house blend that was a favourite with their customers.

Now with Viet-coffee she a supplier of three brands of coffee off the top of the coffee tree in Vietnam. Trung Nguyen is a well known coffee in the Vietnamese community and has had a growing band of aficionados in Australia, and we introduce a two new brands of coffee to Australia ‘Vietcoffee’ and Indochine. All are Vietnamese Coffee producers from the highlands of Vietnam.

Van saw as soon as she arrived in Perth, Australia that coffee and tea was something that is of interest to many Australians. This interest is reflected in her experience in Vietnam where, coffee and tea form an integral part of Vietnamese lifestyle.

In Vietnam coffee is everywhere from outside on the small streets and lanes in the country side to the city and inside any Vietnamese house. Trung Nguyen Coffee houses are very popular and the Vietnamese drink coffee anytime from the early in the morning to late in the evening, it is easy to see coffee everywhere in Vietnam, whether on the bustling streets or on a country road you are never far from a coffee.

Trung Nguyen coffee is a name to familiar with Vietnamese and Australians who have ever travelled in Vietnam. Trung Nguyen promotes itself as the biggest coffee company in Vietnam and is known for its great taste. Vietcoffee was a new name to Australia, it has the great taste of Vietnamese Coffee and they manufacture a range to tempt western taste buds so that you feel good right from the first drop on your tongue. Indochine Estates coffee is our coffee range with its focus on premium Arabica. Indochine has an active philanthropic attitude to business and is very active in promoting charitable events and turns back a significant amount of it's profits to help the less well off.

Metrang is a rapidly expanding company with its origins from the Central Highlands and processing plant in Nha Trang. Their focus is on clean high quality coffee from plantation to cup.

Van’s family has run a coffee shop for almost 20 years, they made their own blend that the customers loved. Van’s years in the café means she understands the coffee mystique and has years of experience in how to make her favourite coffee flavour, or she can guide you to make a great coffee using the easy traditional Vietnamese style coffee filter or phin.

Vietnamese drink coffee with their breakfast or lunch, have coffee with friends in the evening outside of the street or in the garden coffee shops. Part of the coffee ritual is to look at people passing by on foot, on their motorbikes, or cars. In Saigon the ritual of coffee and watching the world pass by is considered to be great fun.

Van makes many different types of coffee drinks for her family coffee customers - Milk icy coffee on a hot day or hot milk coffee in the cool morning. The Vietnamese like their milky coffee with condensed milk. In Vietnam white iced coffee is known as ‘Bac xiu da’, and white hot coffee ‘Bac xiu nong’. Many have their coffee espresso style or iced. What ever way you like your coffee Van knows which is the best coffee blend for you. Just ask! and you will be able taste it and enjoy!

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    Through this web site Van brings you Vietcoffee, Trung Nguyen, Indochine, EMC and Metrang coffee, to all lovers of Vietnamese coffee in Perth and throughout Australia. Viet-Coffee sells Vietnamese coffee across Australia and New Zealand. We have Vietnamese coffee customers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin and many places in between. Wherever you can get mail by Australia post we can get Vietnamese coffee to you. We are the number one internet based company to use when buying Vietnamese Coffee online.

    Viet-coffee hopes you are happy and enjoy our coffee range in your own home or in the shops or even in the garden with friends and family.

    We also bring you Hatvala and Cat Nghi Teas range of white, green, Jasmine, oolong and Black tea, with a range of Vietnamese Teas to suit all palates we hope you enjoy our tea in the same way you enjoy our coffee.

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      Viet-Coffee is an Australian based company with it's central office in Perth, Western Australia and links into Saigon. Our aim is to bring the best tasting Vietnamese coffee to you in Perth and Australasia. We want you to buy Vietnamese Coffee from us because it tastes great and is terrific value.

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