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Cafe su da - Vietnamese iced coffee

The Vietnamese love their cafe su da. Vietnamese coffee is traditionally freshly made over ice and uses condensed milk*.

Vietnamese coffee is a refreshing drink that is delicious any time of day and especially suited to the climate of Vietnam.

How do you make Vietnamese Coffee? There are many sites that explain how to make Vietnamese coffee either using the traditional drip method or any way you can, a most popular site in Australia is The Cook and the Chef site on the ABC website - this site has the instructions for cafe su da.

Or try this link for a selection of pages and video of how to make vietnamese coffee.

For more sites use the search term "make Vietnamese coffee" or "Cafe su da".

There are a few things to watch for ie not to use water that is too hot, heat up the phin with hot water before trying to brew, be generous with the coffee but not the wate. Vietnamese coffee benefits from using twice the usual serve of coffee and as too much water makes the coffee bitter due to over extraction.

*Use Longevity milk for that traditional Cafe su da flavour as the sugar and salt balance is different from many other condensed milks

Here is a link to Here is our You Tube chanel showing how to make Vietnamese coffee

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