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Exploring Espresso

Exploring Espresso

When talking about Espresso one often conjures up images of $2000 machines, cute smug Italian baristas, and ends up being horribly disappointed with undrinkably bitter coffee.

Not so with Viet-Coffee. Our experience is very different! Use Vietnamese coffee for your espresso to make a most flavorful, aromatic, smooth and rich coffee. The secret is simple and easily achievable in your own home without the $2000 machine and $50 a kilo beans.

A top-of-the-line espresso maker and an experienced barrista can extract flavor from a less-flavorful bean, the recipe for a Vietnamese espressos do not require anything special.

A simple inexpensive counter top espresso-maker is more than adequate. We have found that remanfactured automatic Saceo machines fit the bill perfectly with out the high price tag ($300 to $600) or go for a simple espresso machine from myshopping.com for less than $100.

With the simple espresso it's easy as one, two, three. (Well almost)
1. fill the chamber with finely-ground coffee
2. lock it in place
3. adding water to the machine
4. turn the brew on and off briefly and then on and off when you have the traditional 20 ml

The trick is to not push too much water through the beans, not have too finely ground coffee and if you can adjust the temperature go for a cooler brew temperature.

With your espresso brewed, you can have an Americano (add more hot water) steam up some milk for a cappuccino, or add Longevity brand condensed milk and then ice for a fantastic Vietnamese iced coffee, make a latté, and mix in a flavored liquor like Irish Cream for a dessert drink, and for another hot summers treat put it in the blender with icecream, to make your own blended iced coffee... Yum!

How you make it is up to you. Don't ever pay coffee shop prices to enjoy a special drink, and your espresso will be higher-quality than theirs, because Vietnamese coffee is simply better.
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