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Shipping conditions revised. New Sampler pack for Viet coffee ground coffee $10.99 - Half RRP

Dear Customers - Shipping conditions have been revised please see this link.- cut and paste into your browser www.viet-coffee.com.au/xcart/pages.php?pageid=7

Not significant changes but please don't order coffee if it cannot be left (at your risk), received, or collected from your nearby Postal outlet as it will get returned to us in 14 days if not claimed.
Not clear? Please ask - info@vietcoffee.com.au
Viet-coffee sampler - 4 x 100g coffee posted to your door.

Hugh and Van

Click and Send site is back up

Dear Customers - Australia post click and send site is now available after a short down period Hugh and Van

New Legendee now available in Australia

The travellers have returned and the boys went back to school

We are much more contactable now since we returned from Vietanam - apologies to those who found it difficult to contact us - Van is back on her Aussi mobile 0402010916

We brought back with us a special shipment of new improved legendee - sorry I know it sounds trite but Trung Nguyen have re-branded and improved the quality and increased the exculsivity we have been trying for over a year to get our hands on this special coffee - unfortunately at a price As of Sunday Eve 24 Feb we have sold half our stock of this special coffee

We are also still developing our Facebook page - there is a little there at the moment and we will be adding as time goes on

New Legendee with free shipping for a short time - Just under $90 for 250g

Viet-coffee on facebook, New improved Legendee arriving soon.
Travel tip in Vietnam – Although a reputed 5 million people from HCM return to the country side at TET that still leaves another 5 million behind.

It appears the Vietnamese don't come out en-mass until later in the day. We visited the city centre Wednesday night and I was expecting the city to be quiet - what a mistake!! Right in the city centre some of the streets were closed for all sorts of bands to beat their drum. Very colourful, lively and noisy.

Had a fantastic street restaurant dinner outside Binh Than markets with friends and had lots and lots of tasty food and a kilo of very tasty BBQ prawns with dinner costing less than $15 per head including drinks.

We escaped the throngs to the Caravelle roof top bar - not cheap by Vietnamese standards (probably good by Aussi Standards) and we had a bottle of whisky to share with friends and had very entertaining music.

Special TET offer – still on - buy coffee get a Trung Nguyen Aluminum phin. See previous news for complicated instruction or just ask for it in the comments section of the order (conditions apply)

Breaking news - New improved legendee the coffee of hero's is coming - new blend new price - pricing should be up by next week - see our teaser on Facebook. Vietcoffee Vietnamese Coffee and Tea on Van Collin's page

Free Phin and travel tip
Travel tip in Vietnam – Travel Vietnam at Tet and be amazed at the sights. If in Saigon be impressed by the Fireworks, the May Trees, the pink peach trees and the masses of cumquat trees and red and yellow chrysanthemums

Expect the city to be very busy in the week leading up to Tet as Vietnamese families prepare, cleaning and painting and buying new things for their homes.

Country travel may be a little slower with families trying to get home. Many of the shops including the markets close for a couple of days on the eve and Lunar New Years Day. But being Vietnam many are keen to do business to keep afloat.

This means that this is an ideal opportunity to explore the City centre without the pressing throngs.

Special TET offer – Only for a fortnight buy coffee add a Trung Nguyen Aluminum phin to the cart and at check out add the code ‘FreeTNphin’ and get a free Phin. Limited numbers, one phin per customer, expires in a fortnight.
If you have any problems with the code - just leave us a note in the customer notes section of the order or send us an email so we can fixt it up!
Another Travel tip in Vietnam
Travel tip in Vietnam – The South of Vietnam is hot or hot and wet, The North of Vietnam has 4 seasons that are the reverse of us in the southern hemisphere. Check out the weather via the internet as to what the weather is likely to be.

When we went to Hanoi (not well planned) in the Aussi Summer we had to buy second hand jackets from the local markets to keep warm. Leave light and buy some clothes while you are away – no need to rush out the first day.

Van buys me An Phuc shirts from Parkson shops near the Airport in HCM – they had a 50% off sale, they weren’t cheap but they are very good quality and about $25 - $30 each for short sleeve. The current poor economic conditions have provoked the special sale pricing.

Talking about special – we have added a Creative 1 through to 5 BX1 pack with shipping at special pricing for the first 10 boxes – the price will go up by 10% when these are gone.

Still not sorted out the new pricing of the 2 phin with shipping - they will go up by at least 10% to 15% get in now before I sort out the new pricing.

Van and Hugh's travel tips to Vietnam - Phin x 2 with shipping price increase
Travel tip in Vietnam - Have the address of the destination in Writing - this includes the Ward and District - get a good map of the part of Vietnam you are going to - Be prepared to get out of the taxi if the driver doesn't look like he knows what destination you want and find another that seems to know.

This comes from personal experience when I was travelling with Amy and Jake and not Van. I pronounced the street correctly and gave the correct district and gave the name of a major shopping center at the end of the street, The driver kept on saying the wrong street - so I got out and with Vans help got one that understood.

On another matter Van has been telling me off for a while about the price of the 2 phin with shipping - they will have to go up so get in now before I sort out the new pricing.

Aunty Chau on a roll!
Things Settling down now and no phone calls from Aunty Chau at 6 am

Interesting developments in Vietnam since our last visit. Generally the economic situation is still very tough, and the Vietnamese always on the look out for saving money and making money have started making their own condensed milk for Cafe Sua Da - We won't be able to import it as Milk product from Vietnam is banned in Australia but we still have the original and best milk for your iced coffee

Buy 3 or more packets of any coffee from the store and pay for shipping and for $7.50 upgrade your order with 3 Longevity milk

We still have very good pricing on the Longevity milk - so good that we have had wholesale inquiries.

Buy any 3 packs of coffee from the store, (you will have to pay for your shipping unless it's included in the the price) go to the Accessories and Brewing equipment section of the store and upgrade your order with a 3 pack of Longevity Milk for $7.50

There is no extra shipping charge for the upgrade - Just purchase the Longevity 3 pack and it will be shipped at no extra charge to you.


Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all - We are still on line all Christmas –so order away and feel free to text us if you have any questions 040201091 6

The store will be being looked after by Aunty Chau after we leave for Vietnam on New Years Eve so some things may take a little longer

Have a great festive season, may your god be with you and you have a prosperous New Year

From Van and Hugh




All your favourites back in stock


Fresh stock of Creative 1 and Creative 2
Limited amounts of Trung Nguyen Creative one and two are here and in stock - we are taking orders now for immediate shipping. These instock items have been sourced from the Eastern states with our separate big container arriving hopefully next week for those hanign out for the Creative 3 and Chin Phuc S Cut and paste the links if not active Creative 1 bulk pack http://www.viet-coffee.com.au/xcart/product.php?productid=12&cat=39&page=1 Creative 2 bulk pack http://www.viet-coffee.com.au/xcart/product.php?productid=172&cat=39&page=1
Container on the way
Trung Nguyen House blend special

The next special is on the bulk pack House blend at the throw away price of $35.99 with 38 % off RRP.- Not able to ship out of Australia at this price - 250g soft pack x 10

Van says do what you like to get the coffee out of the warehouse.

There is a limit on the number of packs however wholesale enquiries welcome

House Blend 10 packs with shipping $35.99

All G7 Three in one stock is 21 sachet to a box and staying at the old price till we run out which may not be that far away. three cartons gone out the door.
Warehouse tidy up
Italian Espresso old stock to clear

The preparations for the Next container are well under way

Van likes to get the warehouse clear of all odd lines so we have the first of these up for grabs

These are all in very limited quantities at these prices

BX4 Italian Espresso Beans – 6kg coffee beans for $110.55 with shipping – that’s about 60% off RRP Best before January 2011

BX1 Italian Espresso same best before $29.99 <

All G7 Three in one stock is 21 sachet to a box and staying at the old price till we run out which may not be that far away. Already one carton gone.

Good news - bad news - good news

Price rise for ALL G7 coffee

Trung Nguyen has put up it’s prices by about 7% on all the G7 range – this is the third price rise in recent times and we can’t absorb it!

This is a good news bad news matter as we still have some stock that you can buy at the old price but when that is gone the price will go up.

Another good news item is we are organising our next shipment to be here before Christmas – this is bringing forward our order by about 3 months so that means all of those out of stock items should return to being in stock

So the the Viet-Coffee Australia G7 3 in 1 with an extra sachet in every box is still on and is looking better value still with the projected 7% price rise.

Check out our BX1 90 loose sachets for $29.99 .and BX4 18 x 21 sachet to a box for $89.99 bargain packs.

All G7 Three in one stock is 21 sachet to a box and staying at the old price till we run out which may not be that far away..

Olympic Special - 10% off all coffee in the store

The Olympics started today

For the next 17 days many of you are going to have a few late nights!

To help you through the next 17 days we are offering you 10% off all coffee in the store .

Use the discount code "Olympic" to secure your 10% off from now until the end of the Olympics

No limits except when becomes out of stock.

Pass on your recommendation to all your friends. The code finishes at the end of the Games in 17 days time

Free 300 ml Phin with orders over $20

Another Exceptional Viet-Coffee Bargain

Your old phin wearing out or too small? Well we have an offer for you!

Order any coffee during the offer time write Free Phin in the order details and we will throw in a free stainless steel 300 Ml phin with your order at no extra charge - yes we will cover the postage.

No ifs no buts - just write Free Phin in the order details and we ship the 300ml stainless steel phin to you with your coffee order

These 300ml stainless steel phin are not easy to find in Australia but we have them for you. Save over $10! Order yours now before the offer runs out.

All your favourite coffee's back in stock and now with a Free 300ml Stainless steel Phin when you spend $20 on your next coffee order. How good is that!


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