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Platypus Charity Dinner Tuesday 1 May Mosman Park Bowling Club

Dear Customers

Particularly those in Perth, we received the following today and for those in Perth you might like to book in to this great fundraising event.


Dear Hugh,


It’s that time of the year again and we are seeking your attendance at the Annual Platypus Charity dinner. The dinner will take place on Tuesday evening 1st May at the Mosman Park Bowling club. Please see invitation below for full details.


You have generously come along and brought friends over the years and we hope you will be able to join us again in 2018.


What have we achieved over the last 6 years?


  • We are helping 200 kids at school, 100 in the remote mountainous NW region of Vietnam, one of the poorest regions in the country. And the other 100 in the central area near Danang. That’s tough territory too. We choose the most remote and poor regions of Vietnam as that’s where the help is most needed.
  • We support families because this is where the main benefit is. We support their children’s education because education is an essential element to eradicating poverty.
  • Over the years we have helped about 350 youngsters, and this is now increasing with the escalation of the middle to upper school program… but more of that to come from the team on the evening.  


We will be sharing a brief video on the evening -  a success story of Le Dieu, a 21 year old young woman … Le Dieu topped the entrance exams for the leading University in Ho Chi Minh. A very special girl.


The tickets prices are set at $100.00 per head, however, we urge you to please consider donating more on the night to ensure that we are able to continue to do the good work that the Platypus Charity supports.  


The night is one of generosity and camaraderie... delicious food, and excellent wine.


A night where we - in our safe and wonderful country - can afford to give thanks for our good fortune of living in Australia.  


We do hope you can come again this year and make a table of friends if you can. The Mosman Park Bowling club is a novelty and great venue where the view of the Swan River from the back balcony is unparalleled. 



Bob Greer

Chairman Platypus Charity



Dont forget to check out the bargain section of our store


Best wishes


Hugh and Van

Warehouse clearance

Late news - Secured 6 cartons Gourmet Blend - back in stock

Easter Sale Warehouse clearance to make room for new shipment.

Lady fox Past best before Date of 05/2017 less than one carton.

We had our annual pilgrimage to our farm in Chittering road Bullsbrook yesterday and one of the topics of conversation was the coffee. My mum used a percolator to make the coffee for consumption at the farm and our guests commented “This has to be your coffee as It’s so smooth and full of flavour!” High praise for a coffee that has a best before date of 05/2017.

Lady Fox is Mum’s favourite and its flavour tones are quite robust for it to stand up to being percolated and still shine through with its Vietnamese heritage. It’s a bargain at $3 a pack – No limit aside from when the clearance stock runs out.

buy your Lady Fox 250g for $3 here


Another Clearance special is Indochine's Signature Espresso Arabica coffee made from Indochine Estates Dalat Bourbon Arabica.

This is a full bodied, mellow medium, dark roast coffee. It has a lingering aroma and no excessive bitterness.

This is fantastic black with it's intense aroma but still goes well with ice cream, milk or sugar.

Medium dark roast - full body - sweet - Arabica

Past best before date December 17 - Compliments any butter roast coffee at 50% blend to wind back the Robusta tones and give a bit more sophistication. Not Typical Vietnamese Style but aged Arabica - Van doesn't like  Espresso styles but will drink this with a 50% blend of any of our butter roast Robusta blends.

buy your 2 kg espresso with shipping for $30 here


Viet-coffee celebrates the year of the brown mountain dog

Year of the Dog commences February 2018. It is the eleventh year in a 12 year cycle of the Lunar year cycles. Those born in the year of the dog are seen to be honest and loyal. Their years are 1922, 1934, 1946,1958,1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and this year!

Here are pictures of Trigger our Brown Dog! its your year!

Dogs together are pack animals and they may have some problems trying to be top dog particularly where there is a bone involved.

Dogs are well grounded and the sign for 2018 is represented by two mountains either side by side or one beyond the other. So it’s the year of the mountain dog and if you are a dog you may be a wild mountain dog experiencing some barriers this year. Wise dogs will see a way through to remove the barriers to see a wide open road ahead.

For all dogs a well planned year this year will lead on to a beneficial year in 2019 the year of the Pig.

The first day of Brown dog year is February 4 with the celebration of lunar new year on Feb 16th, its brown dog as this year is an Earth dog year. The portents are good for exhausting but happy, frustrating but cheerful, rested and tired and occasionally dull.

Here is Trigger looking to the future

This is why we need to plan and it’s a good time to focus on health eating, sports and shedding bad habits.

For Rats its looking good, Ox’s it good but do be precautious, Tigers it’s a great year for you, Rabbits not good not bad but be careful, Dragons not especially good year and be cautious with travel, Horses and Goats enjoy your selves, Monkeys it’s a good year for hard work, Roosters now it the time to make good decisions in a good year, and Pigs it’s a year of fulfillment leading up to your year next year.

Viet-Coffee celebrates the new year with a special offer to all our customers – if you mention it’s the year of the Dog in your order during the celebration time of lunar New Year you will get 2 aluminum espresso sized Phin with your order(Valued at $7) MC1

You must mention that it’s the Year of the Dog in your order or no Phin. We also have special pricing on some of our Indochine Dark close to code ground coffee at 50% off buy it here for $4.80 a pack

https://www.viet-coffee.com.au/xcart/product.php?productid=207&cat=5&page=1 Indochine Dark


Christmas and Scams

Dear All -

The following is the text of a scam email regarding Australia Post delivery - The Grammar and language give it away - do not click on any links in this sort of email - if you have a concern about delivery contact us in the first instance - we try to send tracking details for orders so you can keep up to date with deliveries. This scam email starts badly and then just carries on

Your sending has not been delivered!          

(Really? Who writes like this!)

Your dispatch has not been delivered to the specified address on November 13, 2017, as nobody was at home. If you don't claim a package within 10 labor days, Australia Post will charge you for storing it.  (Not true and whats a labor day)

Please get and examine the information about your dispatch, print it and go to the post office to claim your parcel (Hmm more grammar problems here and the button that won't display properly and is delinked is the hook for the scammers )

  Get Document

Warranties -  Australia Post Private Agency (Now a private agency! - Australia Post are trying to get there but not there yet) expressly disclaims all conditions, guarantees and warranties, express or implied, in respect of the Service. Where the law prevents such exclusion and implies conditions and warranties into this contract, where legally permitted, the liability of Australia Post regarding breach of such condition, guarantee or warranty is limited at the option of Australia Post to either providing the Service again or paying the cost of having the service supplied again. 

You can find any information about the procedure and conditions of parcel keeping, in the nearest post office.   (Hmm Parcel keeping?!)

Please check information otherwise, you may be fined by an error. (I have never seen a error fine sombody!)

Best regards, 

Australia Post Private Agency Online Team ( Ah yes the private agency thing again!)

It is unsettling to receive such emails but Australia Post did not send this one - please check with us first about delivery problems 

Change of topic and On to Christmas deliveries

We can deliver your Viet-coffee present across Australia for you - just make the shipping address different for this order or drop us a line as to whom it is being gifted to.

We'll even chuck in some gift wrapping (limited time offer - stock may run out)

Fastway orders must be finalised for Shipping December 4 for the Eastern Statees -   Sorry Australia Post is a little vague here but I would go with the same date.

There are still some bargains to be had in the store with competitive pricing on Gourmet Blend, MC1 and EMC coffee and our usual bargain prices on Saigon Phin Daklak

Hope you have a great Christmas from Hugh and Van 


Metrang on Sale - price beater head to head on Creative 1

You may not know but we have a range of suppliers of Vietnamese coffee with some almost competing head to head in style and flavour and we have just put our Metrang MC1 Coffee on Special – this is a similar in style to the Arabica Robusta Blend as the Trung Nguyen Creative (Sang Tao) 2.

Metrang’s production facilities are second to none and they are scrupulous in their attention to keeping all parts of their coffee production green and clean.

We’ve been there and seen the masks and gloves on when they are working with the product.

Our current special price for Metrang puts it at a significant price advantage to the Creative range.

Equivalent package size 2 x 250g Creative 2 is $12.50 vS Metrang 1 at $10.99, and its especially good buying in the bulk pack (2.5kg coffee including shipping) at $55.99-

We only have a carton at this special price.

I love the language used by Metrang to Market their super clean coffee

About the meaning of the MC brand: : the letter M (Em) stands for Me Trang, letter C stands for Coffee. MC stands for Clean too. MC Coffee is manufactured on fully self-contained chains, with the advice and supervision of scientists.

We are committed: The material perfectly clean, no pesticide residue or plant protections.

The product does not contain impurities or preservatives.

With the gently scent, coffee MC 1 is the mildest combination between the bitter taste of Robusta and the slightly sour taste of Arabica.

Coffee’s caffeine content is higher than 1.0%”

We hope you will love the coffee when you try it – buy a pack for $10.99 with your next order or make your next order a bulk pack $55.99


Trung Nguyen Che Phin Coffee the last of the range released

Trung Nguyen Che Phin Coffee now in 3,4 &5

I have been under the weather with the flu’ and thought we needed to kick things off again. To that end we have released the rest of our Che phin Coffee – For many years we had been asked if we stocked this range and as with somethings Vietnamese it can be tricky to get things done.

It just seems to get lost in translation – I have no explanation other than that.

As a sample story several Years ago Trung Nguyen changed the name of their Legendee Coffee to Creative 8 – it took us 2 years and 2 visits to get accurate information as to what the change meant.

Introducing Che phin to Australia has been one of those similar stories where its like we have to align the moon and the stars and then get the right happy squint on our face to get it all to work.

Che Phin 1 2 and half of our stosk of Che Phin 3 have now left the building and we need to move on the Rest of the 3 and now Four and Five.

These 500g packs have similarities in style with the Creative or Sang Tao range with the number indicative of increasing complexity, intensity and quality of the beans used. And the style of blend.

Che phin 3


The Che phin 3 is a delightful Arabica SE (Sparrow) Heirloom variety with bright Arabica tones with mild acidity and some sweetness. Great for cold brewing or even through to Turkish style but you will have to grind it again.

Doubling up on intensity of Che Phin 3 shouldn’t be a problem and makes a great iced coffee concentrate.

Che Phin 3 single $12.99

Che Phin 4 is a four blend mix of Arabica, Robusta, Catimore and Excelsa. Culi coffee’s are those that only contain one single bean (not a pair) in the center of the coffee cherry, purported to be of better flavour the round bean has unique roasting characteristics . Strong, complex full bodied and more intense than the Che Phin 3.Che phin 4

A lower Brew temperature eg 85 Celsius will emphasize the vanilla and chocolate as you get a hotter brew these flavours are supplanted by those of Americano style. Again double up if you want an intense coffee liquor but don’t try to keep for later, it, Culi Coffee is best used fresh. Che Phin 4 single $14.55

Che Phin 5 is a Culi Arabica and the most intense in flavour. Smooth and dark with natural sugars from the Arabica, its very popular as a hot coffee.

Che Phin 5

Brew it light as a mild breakfast coffee or have it as a full city roast with little bitterness. This is specially ground for Phin use and again try to stay away from a higher temperature brew to enjoy the caramel nut and fruit tones.

All Vietnamese coffee roasts with the special butter roast cannot be said to be Vegan and the proprietary coffee flavours used to create each of these unique blends may provoke soy or vegetable oil allergies.

The TN range is certified Hallal and typically Vietnamese in style and flavour, never disappointing and as we move towards summer ideally suited for Caphe Da or to be complimented with Longevity milk. Sorry not a coffee for the diet conscious or low caffeine aficionados.

Buy your Che Phin now before we run out – available in single pack (mix it up with yor other favourites and pay the shiping charge (usually 12.50 for an order under 3kg) or 2.5 kg or 4.5 kg packs with shipping included.

Click on the links below to go directy to our Che phin range


Che phin 3 x 2.5kg $69.99 - with shipping

Che Phin 3 x 5 kg $116.99 - with shipping

Che Phin 4 - 2.5 kg with shipping - $81.78

Che phin 4 - 4.5 kg with shipping - $134.99

Che phin 5 - 2.5 Kg with shipping - $95.64

Che phin 5 - 4.5 kg with shipping - $155.99





Heirloom Arabica Coffee from Guatemala - now for something different!

And now for something completely different.

We have accepted a very small batch of a unique Guatemalan coffee beans and what a back story to this coffee.

So the story goes Jesuits brought coffee plants to Guatemala in the 1760’s but exports did not really take off with coffee imports from Cuba and Trinidad filling local need and transport costs being a big barrier to export . The main export in the early 1800’s was Indigo dye but problems with locusts, the Napoleonic wars and competition from Venezuela and the East Indies drove prices down. Coffee was one of 40  agricultural products considered to take on the export mantle.

The batch we have  is single origin ,single estate coffee from the Acetango Valley. The Acetango region in Guatemala is one of 8 recognised coffee growing regions in Guatemala. The Valley sits at an altitude of 2000 meters with stunning views.


The varietals in this batch  are heirloom varieties of Arabica with Bourbon 60% and Cattura 40%  

The Acetango Valley, known as Acetango Volcano Valley it is so named due to its frequently erupting volcano creating rich mineralised soils perfect for coffee cultivation.

Volcanic soils have a good structure and texture for coffee growth as they often contain vesicles, which make them porous and ideal for retaining water. As the roots of coffee trees have a high oxygen demand so good drainage is essential and volcanic soils are ideal for coffee production.

Guatemalan coffee is high altitude and grown under grevilleas and Ingas. Ingas are a nitrogen fixing tree and known as the ice cream bean tree.

The forest created is a lush refuge for local and migratory birds and the climate is seasonal with temperate gusts from the Pacific Ocean keeping frost at bay and creating the ideal amount of humidity.

The seasonal climate encourages flowering and later allows for sun drying of the beans. The under-story of coffee under the lush trees allows the beans to mature slowly, improving the attributes of body and acidity in the cup.

Acatenango Valley's Cup Characteristics
Acatenango Valley® cup profile
A marked acidity, fragrant aroma, balanced body  and clean, lingering finish.


CAfetoland was established over 60 years ago and over now over 2 generations with its plantation situated in Acetango, Chimaltenar. The founder Veronica Lantan is a leader in helping women being employed in the coffee industry

Guatemala is known for its specialty coffees with sweet flavoured nuances unique to the country. What makes it so unique is that the climate is so diverse with lots of high altitude farms, consistent rainfall and a good understanding and practice of coffee technology.

Buy your 250g Lady fox for $3 here

Café Scene in Vietnam - Its international now

Café Scene in Vietnam - Its international now

Van is going to be able to give us some on the spot updates on the coffee scene in Vietnam from the beginning of next week so stay tuned and In the meantime things seem to be hotting up with major retailers such as Metrang, Trung Nguyen, and Phuc Long slugging it out with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks and MCafe. Every one of them talking about expansion.

Below Me Trang's new Nha Trang cafe Metrang cafe Nha trang

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf got off to a bumpy start in their early days but now have 13 shops in HCMC and 2 in Hanoi with steady expansion predicted at 3 new stores next year.

Coffee culture is ingrained into the Vietnamese psyche and there is the belief that you just open the shop and the customers will come.

Some internationals however have got it wrong with Gloria Jeans just recently closing their last Vietnamese store.

Scarily Starbucks’ who arrived in 2013 now has 24 shops of which 18 are in HCMC and 6 in Hanoi. They are positioning them selves as a high end brand and taking advantage of the increasing disposable income and ‘foreign is good’ cachet. Drinks range from VND 85,000 to 100,000 per cup.

Another American new comer is PJ’s, they are trying their luck with similar price range as Starbucks and tapping into their New Orleans roots to get a point of difference.

McDonald’s have after starting 9 fast food shops launched their Mc Café system and joined the throng of food service providers like Tous Les Jours, Paris Baguettes and Dunkin Donuts pushing their drinks range alongside the food.

You don’t have to go far for a coffee in Vietnam with competing stores popping up very close to each other.


Phuc Long is confident they will maintain their share in the coffee phin with their competitive pricing and traditional range.

Below Me Trang's new Nha Trang cafe upstairs Metrang cafe Nha trang

Talking of traditional range Metrang officially opened their new MeKing Café at 15 Tran Hung Dao St, Loc Tho, Nha Trang. In front of the busy night marker. Looks like a great place to sip your coffee and watch the passing parade

Don’t forget that We at Viet-Coffee are the go to place for Metrang’s famous MC1 range of coffee.

Metrang MC1 single

Click here to buy Metrang MC1 Arabica single pack $11.99

Click here to buy Metrang MC1 Arabica double pack with shipping $ off for $34.99

Click here to buy Metrang MC1 Arabica 5 pack with shipping $ off for $63.99
Vietnamese Coffee - it’s the Beans, it’s the roast, it’s the brew. EMC2 Robusta special

Vietnamese Coffee - it’s the Beans, it’s the roast, it’s the brew.

robusta Coffee Bean
We at Viet-coffee continue to enjoy the beans the roast and the brew. Its been a bit cold to have Caphe sua da so we’ve skipped the Da for a bit but we do have another special offer for you.

Our EMC2 Robusta is typically Vietnamese in the beans being Robusta with almost twice the caffeine of Arabica, its roast is a long and slow butter roast that add to the chocolate fruit and nuts tones and the phin drip brew gives a syrupy strong liquor just ideal to be matched with Longevity Milk.

I love this little article I found on the internet about Vietnamese coffee and how to make and enjoy it.

Say Keng Lee, Knowledge Adventurer & Technology Explorer in Strategy, Change & Future-Focus I actually wrote this piece about Vietnam's uniquely famous coffee drink as part of my English coaching of Vietnamese professionals, so as to enable them to articulate eloquently about it, especially to foreign principals.

To me, it serves as a good response to your question.

"Good Evening:Ladies & Gentlemen. Distinguished Guests.

My name is S K, and I am here today to introduce you to Vietnam’s famous coffee drink.

It’s known locally as “caphe sua da pha phin”.

The "phin" is the Vietnamese name for the decanter, a quirky and yet simple Vietnamese coffee filtering contraption, functioning as a single-serve filter, which instills a slow-drip process of on-the-spot, right-in-your-face coffee brewing.

Translated into English, it's basically rich coffee mixed with sweet condensed milk and cool ice cubes, decanter style. The decanter is actually a four-piece all-stainless-steel-or aluminum) combo

A spoonful of freshly-ground extra-bold roast-blend coffee is first poured in the decanter, which sits nicely on the rim of a short glass. Boiling water is added until it slowly brews, and filters slowly into the short glass, which already contains a healthy dollop of condensed milk.

By the way, inside the decanter there is some sort of small-round-thin metal piece, which actually functions as a gravity-pull self-pressing device, thus inducing the slow-drip, facilitated by the small weight of the boiling water at the beginning stage.

The entire process generally takes a few minutes. It’s believed that the slower the drip, with one tiny drop at a time, roughly about one drop per second, the better it tastes.

When the steady dripping finishes its natural course, the liquid coffee then mixes with the condensed milk in the short glass below. One can easily smell the fragrance of the rich coffee.

The coffee and condensed milk mixture is then stirred. 
Buy your 3 pack of Longevity Milk here for $7.50

The combinatory mix is then poured into a tall glass, already filled with ice cubes to the brim, which originally comes with a long and slender tea spoon stuck in position. The spoon is also used in the stirring function.

Again with the aid of the given tea spoon, one just pulls it up and pushes it down through the ice cubes in the tall glass containing the mix, like a piston in an engine.

Moving the spoon in a piston-like fashion, the final mix of sweetness and bitterness is ready for enjoyment.

The final additional human gesture ostensibly gives one the psychic satisfaction of seeing a simple job being done well.

You then take one small sip at a time, either using the given spoon or the accompanying straw. Taking small sips, and not big gulps, as with other type of coffee drinks, I am sure this practice definitely has something to do with influence from the French colonialists, who apparently introduced coffee drinking into the country during the 18th century.

The first sip will invariably brain you up, as well as relax your mood. This is the mystique of the coffee drink.

I am not a coffee connoisseur, but I reckon it's the synergistic confabulation of the sweetness of the condensed milk, the potent brew of the rich roast-blend coffee, and the cool refreshing kick of the ice cubes, which makes "caphe sua da pha phin" a quintessential coffee drink, now known around the world, including Singapore.

To help you on your way to this decadent pleasure we have a special on the EMC2 robusta – there are only 2 cartons at this price – single 500g packs $5.99 or further discounts on shipping with the BX1 and Bulk packs and 5 kg pack (Free Aluminium phin with every order remember to ask for it in your order notes)

Brews well with its coarser grind in Phin, drip, French press, cold brew or chemex.

Be generous with the serve with 20g or at least 1 tablespoon per cup to get that syrupy liquor..

Buy 500g soft pack EMC2 Robusta here $5.99

Buy 500g x 5 soft pack EMC2 Robusta with shipping here $38.95

Buy 500g x 9 soft pack EMC2 Robusta with shipping here $63.91


One carton sold in 2 days One carton left to go
Gourmet Blend at out the door pricing for 72nd Vietnamese Independance Day
Gourmet Blend on Sale Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend

To Celebrate Vietnam independence Day we are Having a sale on Gourmet Blend big savings here currently only one carton at this price.

Uncle Ho and Mr Long Here we are celebrating the 72nd Vietnamese Independence Day at Novatel with the Vietnamese Consulate Friends at Consulate celebration

House Blend and Gourmet blend are like brother and sister being a blend of all four bean varieties, and comes in two 250-gram foil vent bags. Where we need to get within shipping volumes or weight we dispense within the stylish outer box.

The balanced blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (or Excelsa), and Catimor) grown under Trung Nguyen plantations or manufacturer direction Buon Ma Thout highlands, is still fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit. The Gourmet blend is the bigger brother of House blend and an excellent cup.

The price differential between the two is achieved through the mix being more heavily weighted to Arabica and higher quality beans. This is typical Vietnamese style coffee with slightly earthy tone. Its very popular In Australia and one of out big sellers with excellent qualities when turned into Caphe Sua Da.

Brews well with its coarser grind in Phin, drip, French press, cold brew or chemex. And served in phin at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

Be generous with the serve with 20g or at least 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance..

Buy 500g soft pack Trung Nguyen House Blend here $9.50

aluminium phin filter in use

Buy 250g x 9 soft pack Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend with shipping here $49.67

House blend on Sale - Blike and a Bikie exceeds fund raising total
House Blend on Sale Trung Nguyen House Blend
Bloke and bike update – Shaun reached his sponsorship target and some. He is busy getting ready for the trip – for those of you that noticed some how he was short cutting the 1600 km he is – some of it is by train some by plain and some by bike.

This is probably for safety reasons with the challenge avoiding major city riding. We’ve lots of experience in traveling in and around Vietnam and HCM particularly and I’ve always thought I would rather bike it in Vietnam than Australia – the traffic is much slower and they are so much more bike aware.

This week’s special is House Blend – big savings here but for a limited time and only one carton at this price.

House Blend and Gourmet blend are like brother and sister being a blend of all four bean varieties, and in the box comes in two 250-gram foil vent bags. Where we need to get within shipping volumes or weight we dispense within the stylish outer box.(described as soft pack as there is no box)

The balanced blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (or Excelsa), and Catimor) grown under Trung Nguyen plantations or manufacturer direction Buon Ma Thout highlands, is still fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit. Not so intense as the Gourmet blend but still and excellent cup.

The price differential between the two is achieved through the mix being more heavily weighted to Robusta. This is typical Vietnamese style coffee with slightly earthy tone very popular locally with excellent qualities when turned into Caphe Sua Da.

Brews well with its coarser grind in Phin, drip, French press, cold brew or chemex. And served in phin at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

Like Gourmet Blend its fragrant with spice, chocolates and fruit. Be generous with the serve with 20g or at least 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance..

Buy 250g soft pack Trung Nguyen House Blend here $4

phin filter

Buy 250g x 5 soft pack Trung Nguyen House Blend with shipping here $29.99

Buy 250g x 5 soft pack Trung Nguyen House Blend with shipping here $49.99

Viet-coffee sponsors Christina Noble Hanoi to Saigon bike challenge
Barefoot Bowls Fundraiser Barefoot bowling fundraiser
Viet-Coffee Invites you to meet us and Shaun at his bowling afternoon fundraiser down at the Melville Bowling and Recreation Club. $20 per adult on 19 August he has reached nearly $4000. Come along and help him reach his goal this Saturday at Melville bowls club.

This is a kid friendly family event.

Shaun's good friends from Ciccobello Pizza Catering Perth will be providing pizzas for your enjoyment and we will also have a range of snacks and refreshments available to keep the kids from getting hangry. Various activities are also planned to keep the kids entertained.

He will be drawing the raffle during the afternoon for the major fundraising prize, generously supplied by Attadale Travel, of a Luxury overnight escape to the 6 star Crown Towers Perth! We also have a magnificent DeLongi Nespresso coffee machine up for grabs too. Viet-coffee has supplied prizes as well as Shaun is planning to have CAphe su da tasting and some of our products are on sale at the event and our Christina Noble section of the store will direct the profits to Shaun's fundraising.

The raffle will only have 100 tickets available so securing yours when you book tickets to the event. Those are good odds!

Want to ride a motorcyle not a push bike go visit http://www.platypus-charity.org/?page_id=1682 one of our Vietnam charity partners. Shaun will probably wish he had this kind of bike motor bike in vietnam
Viet-Coffee product samples available and on Sale at Shaun's Event to help with his Sponsorship challenge

Here is Shauns Website for more information on his challenge and he will keep us up to date on his travels up and down the hills of Vietnam ( Bloke and a Bike site )

The State of the Global Coffee Trade from the International Coffee Organisation

The State of the Global Coffee Trade from the International Coffee Organisation

The latest facts and figures about the global coffee trade from the International Coffee Organization. 

Monthly Trade Stats: Exports

Latest update: 30 November 2016

9.13 million bags

World coffee exports amounted to 9.13 million bags in October 2016, compared with 9.31 million bags in October 2015. (Goes to show if you do the maths 12 x months and add it up that its a bit seasonal - in fact with coffee grown both in the north and south hemispheres there are two seasons)

71.93 million bags of Arabica

In the twelve months ending October 2016, exports of Arabica totalled 71.93 million bags compared to 69.21 million bags last year (Arabica production up to meet ongoing demand for bean to cup sales across the world - Difference in styles between Robusta and Arabica still affecting sales of Robusta as Robusta stilll getting a bad rap. However we know at Viet-coffee that good quality robusta enables us to get a great flavousome coffee at a bargain price)

40.46 million bags of Robusta

In the twelve months ending October 2016, Robusta exports amounted to 40.46 million bags compared to 43.81 million bags last year. (Quite a big drop here - instant coffee sales still growing, which is where most Robusta ends up. The data is not finely granulated enough for us to tell if its the lower quality that is selling less or?)

World consumption, production and stock change (2012/13 - 2015/16)

The coffee market ended 2015/16 in deficit for the second consecutive year, but stocks accumulated in 2012/13 and 2013/14 have allowed the market to remain well supplied.
Data as at 14 October 2016 - next update January 2017 (this deficit in production will eventually lead to problems of supply as with increasing numbers of significant climate events making production less reliable through drought and temperature problems Robusta may get to be king! There is no comment on the coffee stockpile but we have seen steady pricing so one may assume that the accumulated stock is being released steadily to keep the price stable.)

-3.3 million 60kg bags

Estimated deficit between production and consumption in 2015/16

Global Coffee Production

Data as at 14 October 2016 - next update January 2017

148 million

Estimated number of 60 kg bags of coffee produced in 2015/16


Estimated increase in global coffee production in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15


Estimated change in global production of Arabica coffees in 2015/16 compared to previous coffee year


Estimated increase in global production of Robusta coffees in 2015/16 compared to previous coffee year (this contradicts the reduction in exports but this may be accounted for by  increased local consumption in coffee producing areas)

Global Coffee Consumption

Data as at 14 October 2016 - next update January 2017

151.3 million

Estimated number of 60 kg bags of coffee consumed in coffee year 2015/16 (Oct. 2015 to Sep. 2016)


Average annual growth rate in global coffee consumption since coffee year 2012/13 (- may sound percentage wise not very large but its a lot of cups of coffee!! and with no large increases in production associated with reduction in the coffee stockpile we may have a bumpy ride over the upcoming years a bit like the severe frost in Brazil in 1975 and the Brazil  drought in 2014 - Bad weather = high coffee prices)

However our prices effectively remain the same - grab a Vietnamese coffee bargain today from Viet-coffee.com.au.

Coffee green beans
All previous offers no longer apply
Coffee trends  - focus on the quality of water

Coffee trends  - focus on the quality of water


For Aussies that travel around a lot you know that the water tastes different from place to place this is due to different levels of minerals dissolved in the water and this not only makes a difference in the taste of water but your coffee also.

In the past a lot of attention has been paid to the effect of bean choice, roasting, grinding and extracting and now more recently, the world class baristas have begun discussing in greater depth the importance of water in the brewing process.

There are numerous books and articles both in print and on the web on the topic and some quite scientific articles’ are available.

Coffee Science has a choose your water guide (http://www.coffeescience.org/how-to-choose-best-water-for-coffee/) with some interesting points about what’s actually in the water (and out) that makes a difference. You have to remember that your cuppa is really 98% water so it’s a significant part of the whole.  Not just an ingredient! Its something more!

The significance of water is it’s the solvent that is extracting the flavour compounds from the roasted coffee seeds. It forms chemical bonds in the seed and carries the bonded product away from the seed for your coffee.

Water chemisty – High Magnesium ion levels in water improve extraction and contribute to the fruitier flavours. Calcium emphasises heavier creamy notes which is the buffer for sharper acid notes. Carbonate plays a role in buffering acid but too much will leave calcium deposits in your machine and is also bad for flavour. You also get to a point of diminishing returns where there is too much.

Magnesium and Calcium are positive ions and this is coincidentally useful with extraction as the positive charges aid in extraction of the flavours in the coffee by an attraction to the negative ions associated with the flavours in the beans.

Striving for that perfect cup has so many variables and if you know the characteristics of water you can consider making changes to the levels of Magnesium and calcium.

If you want to get serious about this Hartley (2014) https://www.fivesenses.com.au/blog/experimenting-with-the-effect-of-water-quality-on-coffee/ suggests 70/30 water – 70 ppm sodium bicarbonate and 30 ppm magnesium sulphate  - Here’s the link  https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/hosted.fivesenses.com.au/hosted_docs/water_recipe.pdf

For those wanting more try these references

Bad News for NZ customers re shipping increase – Out of the box coffee conversations (Non Complimentary Behaviour)
Bad News for NZ customers re shipping increase – Out of the box coffee conversations (Non Complimentary Behaviour)

Australia Post has forecast a dramatic increase in shipping charges for us to NZ – on a 1.25 kg order there will be an additional $10 shipping charge and on 2.5 kg $20 – currently your only solution is to buy now before the price rise in early to mid August. All BX1 category product will no longer be able to ship for free to New Zealand and the surcharge on all other product will have to increase.

Not sure how this will affect you please contact us. Expect price rises in shipping locally but no idea when.

Now to what I think is an interesting out of the box coffee conversation that I feel is relevant to our Viet-Coffee customers . As a prelude to the conversation as you are a Viet-Coffee customer you are already out of the box. You are probably aware that Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer after Brazil and you are familiar with fine flavours that you can get from Vietnamese coffee, whether as an Arabica or (more typically Vietnamese) Robusta.

You probably have an interesting story to tell as to how you became a Vietnamese coffee aficionado.

You have changed your view of the world of coffee and been switched to a new way of being in regards to coffee and Vietnamese coffee in particular. Part of this way of looking at the world in a new way (Non Complimentary Behaviour) is exemplified in the story of the robber being disarmed with a glass of wine. The you tube clip is eight minutes long and in provoking a new view worth the watch. The change achieved by doing something very different in an interaction to bring out a mutually beneficial outcome is quite powerful. Here’s the link

The parallels for me are that in changing to Vietnamese coffee you have ‘flicked the switch’ and come to a new understanding or position in life in regards to your coffee. Whether it’s the new taste experience of Vietnamese coffee ,or the ritual of making phin coffee Vietnamese style; please feel free to tell others of the new way of interacting with coffee through Vietnamese coffee.

And put NCB in your order notes and we will ship a Free Aluminium espresso phin with your order. Tell your friends and they can get a free phin with their order as well!

Coffee filter / Vietnamese Style Coffee Phin – small Alumi8nium (espresso Size)
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Arabica V Robusta - Italian Espresso beans on sale $11 for 500g
Arabica Vs Robusta

What are the differences?

Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Although they can both be called coffee there is a general feeling that the differences are more than the similarities. In some cases of people exploring the differences it can get a bit polarised!

Arabica, described often as the sophisticated coffee, has twice the genes as Robusta. This is seen as contributing factor in the varied and complex flavours found in Arabica. As Arabic self-pollinates the production of true to type berries is possibly higher that Robust which is not able to self-pollinate. This may be a factor in the number of variations of style but consistency of flavour from the trees cherries.

Arabica has a deep root system compared to the Robusta’s shallow root system. This is a double edged difference meaning Arabica can be grown closer together and will survive with less rain fall. However the larger rainfall requirement of Robusta is compensated for by a larger crop Yield.

Both coffees are able to grow between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer however Arabica requires a temperate climate between 600 to 2000 metres altitude vs Robusta 0 to 900 metres. Arabica prefers a lower temperature around 15 degrees Celsius (C) whereas Robusta likes it around 24 to 30 degrees C

The season for growth and harvesting are mostly determined by the climate with Arabica in its temperate climate having a distinct flowering habit after seasonal rain. When Viet-coffee has been in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in March the hillsides have been covered with flowering Arabic trees. Robusta not having the altitude requirement and habit of flowering after seasonal rains tends to be more irregular and have a longer ripening time of up to 10 to 11 months against Arabica’s 9 months.

Once the cherries are ripe the Arabica will drop its fruit so close attention is paid to the crop as it ripens whereas the Robusta will stay on the tree until picked. Whilst we are talking about cherries its actually the seed inside that is roasted and the shape is different with Robusta being rounder

Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee
Arabica Bean Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee Robusta Bean

Oil content is lower in Robusta which is a plus for the Espresso Crema. Many Espresso blends will have between 20 to 30 percent Robusta to allow the barista to get a good crema on your espresso.

Sugar levels are higher (depending on roasting) in Arabica leaving the Robusta potentially bitter.

The Biggy is the Caffeine, with Robusta being the one with kick at 1.7 to 4% and with caffeine being a natural pesticide it is more resistant to diseases, fungi and pests. Additionally Robusta can contain up to twice the number of antioxidants so if you want to top up you antioxidants Robusta is the best. An interesting fact is the coffee is seen as a major source of antioxidants in an American diet!

Italian espresso 
So for us we are really satisfied with the Italian Espresso beans a blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta so excellent crema with a broad palate and hint of bitterness – on special now for $11.00 Italian Espresso beans 50% off RRP – click here to buy now
Make your Americano here! - Close to code special
Ever wondered where Viet-coffee's Americano coffee found its origins? American Moka also known as Caffè Americano, American Coffee, or simply Americano, is, outside of Vietnam, the world’s most popular kind of coffee after the Italian espresso.

Why would Viet-coffee have a brand of coffee so closely named after what is the most Popular coffee outside of Vietnam, simply because there were a lot of Americans in Vietnam for a while and they had a hankering for a coffee similar to their coffee at home.

Despite what you may think, both American Coffee and its name have Italian origins. (The Italians perfected the espresso machine hence their affinity to coffee) It is popularly believed, Americano coffee was invented in Italy during World War II by the American soldiers. Their habit of adding water to the Italian espresso making for them a cup of Joe that was more suited to their taste.

This custom soon turned into a new, popular way of preparing coffee, which spread throughout Europe and North America and coincidentally is one of the best ways to get a smooth tasty cup of black coffee.

Making an Americano coffee is simple, you just add hot water to an espresso. This is opposed to how to prepare a tasty Long Black which is the opposite, i.e. pour a cup of espresso into hot water. This way, you obtain a more foamy consistency.

Drip coffee (or filtered coffee) is commonly attributed as being an Americano. But drip coffee, the one made famous all over the world thanks to Hollywood and detective fiction, is also very popular in the United States is not the real “American coffee” made with one or two shots of original Italian espresso. It’s a whole other thing. This week’s special enables you to get an entirely different perspective on Vietnamese coffee.

American Moka 250g ground taster, phin and espresso spoon with shipping  
American moka is prepared to be based on the style of coffee where hot water is added to espresso – of course it is often difficult to find an Espresso machine in Vietnam so it is interesting to compare the varying styles of preparation. Americano is reputed to have originated from American GI’s adding hot water to an Italian Espresso to make it more familiar to the style of coffee they were used to at home. Perhaps this was then extended in Vietnam from the traditional use of a Phin to give the shot and then the hot water added.

The drink would consist of a single or double shot with the addition or anywhere between 1 to 16 fluid ounces or 30 to 470ml of hot water. Interestingly the way that the water is incorporated into the coffee can make difference as to the flavour tones expected. For example a long black is adding the double espresso to the top leaving the crema intact to leave a fuller bodied flavour. Annihilation of the crema by adding the water on top is considered a more traditional Americano style.

The Viet-coffee blend of Arabica and Robusta provides for an interesting fusion allowing the more floral tones of the Arabic to be complimented by a lower brew temperature of a phin and accentuation of the mocha tones. With an espresso machine it can be made with a ristretto style to lower the bitter tones or lungo to increase the bitterness. Bitterness probably not being a problem if you look at this complimenting a American Breakfast

What’s an American Breakfast? Try coffee, two eggs (fried or poached), sliced bacon or sausages, sliced bread or toast with jam/jelly/butter, pancakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal, orange/grapefruit juice. It interesting that this blend is a favourite of an Italian friends mum.

American Moka tasting special espresso nearly half price with shipping. Click on this link to buy now - this price wont last

Terms and conditions of specials apply - it is assumed that offers in old news stories are no longer  valid - Not sure please ask
Sorry last email may have been wonky - New Release G7 Gu Manh x 2 - 3 in 1 instant for the larger cup

Something different from Viet-coffee this week. We have secured supplies of G7’s Gu Manh X2 instant 3 in one.
Gu Manh G7 With 25g of Coffee per serve it really is a bigger stronger shot of coffee.  Same G7 formula but 60% more coffee. So we now offer 2 really stronger coffee’s our own Viet-Coffee 3 in one where we source the coffee from the largest instant coffee plant in Asia. Its in Buon Ma Thout in Vietnam

We showed you some pictures before of the plant in Buon Ma Thout on face book and the farm in the factory and we were impressed with their quality control and management of their production footprint on the environment with water sourcing and filtration occurring on site and waste product being used on the farm on the factory site. Coffee grounds are an excellent complement to the organic matter in soil.

You may have heard of cottage industries that recyle used coffee grounds and heard that composting coffee grounds is a great way to make use of something that would otherwise end up taking up space in a landfill. There are a number of benefits in composting coffee grounds firstly used coffee grounds helps to add nitrogen to your compost pile.

This can be as easy as throwing the used coffee grounds onto your compost pile. If you have paper filters the then coffee comes in a handy container to get it to the compost and the filter will compost down.

For those in the know coffee grounds are considered green waste (high in nitrogen) as opposed to brown (high in Carbon) so you need to compliment the coffee with brown compost materials such as leaves, paper, egg shells or straw.

Dont worry if you dont have a compost bin you may just throw the spent grounds on the garden. Best to keep away from tomatoes as grounds do have an effect on weed control and this seems to include tomatoes. Using grounds in the garden is like using a slow release nitrogen,  adding organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil.

Used grounds also help microorganisms beneficial to plant growth thrive as well as attract earthworms Worried about soil pH well used coffee grounds are close to neutral, for best result work in around the plants or just be a lazy gardener like me and they could keep away slugs and snails. They have the added benefit of attracting worms.

If you have ever felt guilty about throwing away the unused coffee in the pot, just fill it up with water to rinse and your garden loves it.

If you have old unused coffee ground  that you haven’t used and are torn between throwing it and using it your azaleas, hydrangeas, lily and blueberries  will love it as unused grounds are acidic.

 So Coffee is a great double pick me up – once for you and twice for your garden!



Here is a link to Get your double pick me up with the Special offer on a bulk pack of G7 Gu Manh x 2 here 72 sachets for $39.99 with shipping included



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Off to Buon Ma Thout for Coffee Festival
Hugh I am off to Buon Ma Thout to see the beginning of the coffee festival
Its always a challenge to get the days right so lets see how we go this time!!

Van will be looking after the store from Monday when I leave to my return at the end of the week on Sunday

We have a special offer on the bulk pack of Lady Fox - one bonus pack for 10 packs - just put Lady Fox bonus pack in your order details to get your pack - if you don't let us know it wont happen - if you forget send an email.

Viet-coffee Lady Fox

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Creative 1,2,3,4 & 5 in stock
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Our special offer this week is my favourite Vietnamese tea cinnamon black - take advantage of our free offer for orders over $35 - get one tube of free Cinnamon Black tea.

Cinnamon Black Tea
Black tea's origins are reputed to connected to the British importing it from China and then establishing plantations in South East Asia with most successful plantations in Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon)

There is an interesting connection in Ceylon between coffee and tea with failed coffee plantations being turned over to tea with coffee rust decimating plantations and there is another connection between cinnamon plantations and tea with the Dutch commissioning cinnamon plantations on Ceylon proir to the failed coffee plantations.

Green, black, white and Oolong come from the same plant Camellia sinesis with the difference being the processing of the leaves and black teas colour comes from the extended oxidisation process compared to the other teas.

This means darker colour, stronger flavour and higher caffeine. And the Oxidisation means that black tea retains if flavour much longer than other tea varieties.

Traditional thinking had green tea as being the best for the beneficial chemicals such as Catechins, Theaflavins, Thearubigins, and Flavenons however US Agricultural research showed black dry leaves as in the Cinnamon black tea to be comparable to green tea. So subsequently health benefits for green and black tea are also comparable -

Health benefits include Cholesterol reduction, blood sugar control, cancer occurrence reduction, reduced kidney stones, reduced risk of Parkinsons, Anti-oxidant effects from polyphenols and of course increased alertness (I think that's the caffeine connection!) Of course don't overdo it as you can suffer from signs of caffeine overdose.

Information provided in this article is not supported by references to Scientific Journals but can be verified by your own research and is not to be considered medical advice - if you have any concerns about your health see a health professional. All previous offers ceased.
Viet-coffee is back from our travels and with a special offer to kick off the New Year
Viet-Coffee is back from Vietnam – and almost back to normal

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Our special infomercial this week is about Vietnamese Lotus Tea – take advantage of our free offer for orders over $55 – get a free Lotus Green tea.

Lotus flowers
Vietnamese lotus tea (Vietnamese: trà sen, chè sen) is a green tea produced in Vietnam that has been flavored with the scent of Nelumbo nucifera. It is a unique specialty product of the Vietnamese tea industry and is consumed as part of celebratory events or festivals. Production

The tea is made by allowing the green tea to absorb the flower's natural scent. This is done through several methods, either by:
• Stuffing green tea leaves into a flower and leaving them overnight
• Pulling the entire stamen from the flower or just their anthers and then either
• Jar them overnight with the tea leaves with them
• Bake the tea leaves with them
These steps can be repeated multiple times to increase the floral scent in the tea leaves.[1] In the case of higher quality teas, one thousand lotus flowers per kilogram of tea are needed to complete this ancient process.[2] Many modern production tend towards flavouring or perfumes to scent the tea. Brewing

Lotus teas are typically very potent and are best brewed for under 2 minutes using cooler brewing temperatures (160 °F/70 °C). Some fanciers will brew 3-4 times from one set of leaves as with most green tea

The lotus plant has been around for thousands of years and has many great health benefits. Our Lotus Green Tea is produced by Cat Nghi Tea the traditional way with the picking of the lotus flowers (Nelumbo nucifera) early in the morning and then mating these with the tea so that the delicate flavours of the lotus flower is taken up by the tea. - this process is repeated four or five times with over a thousand lotus flowers per kilogram of tea required to produce the distinctive flavour associated with this premium craftsman made tea.

The source of the Lotus flowers is considered important with differing areas considered to vary significantly in the quality of the Lotus flowers – Cat Nghi’s specialty Vietnamese tea is made from top grade Ha Giang Man Cha scented with lotus flowers.

This handcrafting and the source of the lotus flowers makes the tea extremely rare and valuable Brewing Lotus tea is best done with a lower water temperature of about 70 °C for 2 to three minutes. Lotus tea is typically very potent and brewing 3 to 4 times from one set of leaves is normal using two teaspoons per cup.

Lotus tea is the unobtainium of teas with delicate lotus aromas and health benefits to make it perfect for that different gift especially over traditional Vietnamese holidays such as Tet

Cat Nghi Tea has taken special steps to have available 10 acres of Lotus Flowers so that they can make this special tea and the Lotus flower has special significance all over Asia

Lotus flowers
Lotus Flower
History – Reputedly Buddha as a child had ponds of different colored lotus flowers outside his window with pink, white, and blue flowers symbolizing the three different types of people.
In Egypt where afterlife was a consideration lotus flowers represent rebirth , whereas Indian’s believe the flower petals represent the elements of the earth.

Horticulture of lotus plants – Lotus flowers like the sun and the Asian climate is especially suite with the plants anchored in the mud and the leaves and flowers … rising to the top of ponds bringing forth beautiful white, pink, and blue flowers. We have been able to grow our own lotus’ Perth. Perhaps not so large as in Asia but still with beautiful colours.

Reputed health benefits include the following including Lower Cholesterol – A tea made from lotus flowers and leaves is great for lowering cholesterol with the blocking of absorption of fats. Green tea brings its own benefits and thus helps lower cholesterols, regular green tea consumption is recognised as lowering cholesterol and blood sugar

Diabetes – Green tea infused with lotus prevents the spike in sugar absorption after eating starchy foods.

Fatty Liver – Green Tea made helps lead to a lean (not fatty) liver.

Detoxing – Green Lotus tea is great for detoxing the blood and thus helping to lower your risk of disease.

Stress – Green Lotus tea is acknowledge for its relaxing, soothing, sedative effects and assists with anxiety.

Acid Reflux – Lotus green tea tea helps with acid reflux by enhancing contraction of the lower oesophageal sphincter, lowering stomach acid, and soothes away gastric ulcers.

Lower Blood Pressure – Lotus leaf tea is also a good vasodilator helping to lower blood pressure.

Fertility – Men who suffer from premature ejaculation find that lotus tea helps with their condition. And women who have heavy periods find that lotus tea reduces blood flow.

Heat – In Traditional Chinese Medicine lotus leaf tea is used for summer heat syndrome to get rid of heat rash and cool internal organs.

Skin – In Ayurvedic Medicine lotus flowers are ground into a paste and applied to the skin, moisturizes the skin, and creating youthful looking skin.

Vitamin C – Lotus flowers contain Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant helping to keep away diseases such as cardiovascular disease, strokes, and even cancer.

B – Vitamins – Lotus flowers also contain B – Vitamins which are important for fertility, vitality, and mood.

Iron – Lotus flowers contain iron which is important for anemia.

Phosphorus – Also lotus flowers contain phosphorus which is important for strong bones.

Heart Health – Because lotus leaves are full of antioxidants they can increase blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure.

Anti-inflammatory – Lotus leaf tea is a great anti-inflammatory helping with redness, swelling, and pain… associated with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Weight Loss – Lotus leaves help to prevent carbs and fats from being absorbed, and boosts your metabolism thus you to lose weight. And lotus leaf contains L-Carotene which boosts metabolism.

Anti-fungal and Antibacterial – Studies show that rubbing lotus leaves on infected areas can kill ringworm fungus and works well for athletes foot. And lotus leaf tea is also antibacterial in action… killing invading bacteria naturally.

Linoleic Acid – And lotus flowers contain linoleic acid which is important for preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, weight loss, and boosting your immune system.

Antioxidants – Lotus flowers contain powerful antioxidants such as nuciferine, lotusine, neferin and demethyl coclaurine which help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.

Healthy Liver – Lotus leaf tea helps to promote healthy liver function.

Melanin – The oil from lotus flowers helps the body produce more melanin to protect it from damaging suns rays… and also fights premature gray hair.

Astringent – Lotus leaf tea is very astringent and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stop internal bleeding… and has been used for treating bloody urine.

Mucus – Lotus leaf tea helps expel mucus, making it great for colds, coughs, and other respiratory and sinus problems.

Making 100% Lotus Tea – Take 2 Teaspoons of dried flowers and add them to a 1/2 litre of very hot water and let steep for 5 or 6 minutes. Lotus flower tea has a nice sweet aroma.

If you have fresh lotus leaves cut a 4×4 inch piece and steep it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.

For dried leaves use 2 teaspoons in a 1/2 liter of hot water and let steep for 5 minutes.

Cooking – Lotus flowers have a beautiful fragrance, and because of that they are used in cooking of rice and other Asian dishes and of course making tea.

Special offer – for a limited time all orders over $55 will have a free pack of Cat Ngi Lotus Tea

Lotus flowers Information provided in this article is not supported by references to Scientific Journals and is not to be considered medical advice – if you have any concerns about your health see a health professional. All previous offers ceased.
Christmas break - Longevity short code special just in time for the new year - What Christmas like in Vietnam?
We are Spending Christmas in Vietnam and although Vietnam is predominately Bhuddist there is an active Christian community and Christmas is is still one of the four main annual religious festivals.

Christmas Eve in Vietnam is a huge event followed by the not so celebrated Christmas Day. It’s a grand party on Christmas Eve and churches are packed to overflowing and with decorations starting to be set up now.

XMAS VIET The nativity crib scene or 'creche' is very popular with flashing lights and life-sized statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds and animals. With one area near a friend’s house in HCM being almost closed off with a nativity scene in front of almost any house for blocks some even with waterfalls!

The major churches such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City or Saint Joseph Cathedral (the Big Church) in Hanoi are adorned with sparkling lighting decorations and surrounding trees, shops and houses turning out their best version of a Christmas colour.

Midnight Mass is well attended In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, people tend to gather at the city center where the cathedral stands and cars are not allowed.

Children in Vietnam are greatly excited because they believe in Santa Clause and put their shoes in front of their doors on Christmas Eve, expecting to have their shoes stuffed in with goodies from Santa’s bulging sack on the morning of 25th December. On our theme of Caphe Sua da for Christmas we are clearing out our stock of Longevity milk with free shipping and only $1.50 a tin with every coffee order

On our theme of Caphe Sua da for Christmas we are clearing out our stock of Longevity milk with free shipping and only $4.50 for 3 tins with free shipping with every coffee order

Viet-coffee wishes you a wonderful Christmas and happy new year and we will keep you posted on our face book page of our adventures in Vietnam

Also check out our Youtube channel video of how to make a Vietnamese coffee and the history of Viet-Coffee

Remember if you upgrade your membership to premium you can start collecting rewards points towards your next order - if you are not on our Premium membership our Christmas present to you is to go through your orders when you were not a member and add them to your rewards account - 1 point equivalent to $1 to spend on your next order.

Giáng sinh vui vẻ và hạnh phúc trong năm mới

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Van Hugh and Family

Offers have conditions, are for a short time, limited stock and all previous offers not available - not sure please ask - Christmas deliveries will be significantly delayed and we expect any orders made from 13/12/16 till After New year to take much longer than usual.

Sun, Sand, Seafood... and Santa: How to Do an Australian Christmas - Viet-Coffee says Have a Caphe Su da -
Sun, Sand, Seafood... and Santa: How to Do an Australian Christmas - Viet-Coffee says Have a Caphe Su da

Your ongoing patronage has meant we are the number 1 Internet retailer of Vietnamese Coffee and Tea in Australasia with growth every year from our inception in 2009.

We will be making our annual pilgrimage back to Vietnam to catch up with our suppliers and check out the coffee scene in Vietnam.

This will mean that the store will be attended but there will be big delays due to holidays, the Christmas rush and slightly lower than usual processing occasions with orders shipped Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 20th December - except on Public holidays when it will be the following day and then back to regular shipments from February 01 2017

To avoid running out we suggest either order now and beat the Christmas rush or allow more time for your order to get to us.

Fastway is saying no guarantees for Christmas delivery for Deliveries after 2 December

Viet-coffee wishes you a wonderful Christmas and happy new year and we will keep you posted on our face book page of our adventures in Vietnam

Also check out our Youtube channel video of how to make a Vietnamese coffee and the history of Viet-Coffee

Remember if you upgrade your membership to premium you can start collecting rewards points towards your next order - if you are not on our Premium membership our Christmas present to you is to go through your orders when you were not a member and add them to your rewards account - 1 point equivalent to $1 to spend on your next order.

Giáng sinh vui vẻ và hạnh phúc trong năm mới

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Van Hugh and Family

Please see story from Huffington post about Aussi Christmas

Aussi Christmas

Celebrate 3 International Days at once with a cup of Vietnamese coffee - Sandwich, Men Make Dinner Day and Housewifes day
National Days
There are over 1000 National days celebrating a wide range of things – I was amused today to see that November 3 is National Sandwich day, National Men Make Diner Day and National Housewifes day.

It looks like you could celebrate all three days with one event with a little bending of the rules.

Yes some national days have specific rules for celebration and we would suggest that you could integrate them with a cup of coffee somewhere along the line without any bending of the rules at all.

Viet-coffee Saigon Phin

To help you in your endeavours we are offering the Viet-Coffee taste of Vietnam pack that has all you need to make a Vietnamese coffee all you need to add is hot water to brew the coffee in your phin and ice for your Caphe Su da

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Viet-coffee Saigon Phin

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