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Dear Hugh


We hope this edition of the Platypus
Newsletter finds you well.

This year, our annual fundraising
celebration will be held at the
magnificent riverside home of
our dear friends and committed
supporters, Jeff and Amy Burch. 

With delicious offerings from Bunn Mee
in Leederville, superb wines from
Howard Park Wines, and many exciting
auction items on offer, the 20th of April
is shaping up to be an unmissable

Due to overwhelming support, tickets
have sold out before we could send out
this newsletter. If you are unable to
attend this year’s celebration, we will
miss you, but you can still support
Vietnamese students by making a
donation on the Platypus website

Please read below how the
challenging lives of some of the
children are positively impacted by
your generosity.

Special Guest -
Dr. CarinaHoang


Dr. Carina Hoang was 16 when she,
along with her two younger siblings,
fled Vietnam on a wooden boat that
was carrying 370 other people.
Against all odds, she survived
the harrowing journey and the
extreme challenges of living in a
primitive refugee camp, eventually
resettling in the United States. Since
her move to Australia in 2007,
Carina has worked hard to raise
awareness of refugee issues,
including by acting as the Special
Representative of Australia for
UNHCR and as a Refugee Week
Ambassador. A prolific author,
publisher, speaker and advocate,
she can now also add “actor” to her
resume, having taken a star turn as
“Iris” in ABC’s hit TV series The

We are thrilled to have the brilliant
and warm Dr. Carina Hoang as our
special guest this year!


Despite the extraordinary and
challenging year that was 2020, we
were fortunate to be able to continue
financing our core activity of keeping
210 students at school. The reports
from our scholarship recipients in the
Quang Nam province paint a picture
of the extreme hardship faced by
many in Vietnam; hardship which has
only been intensified by the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic. The reports also
clearly illustrate the huge impact that
Platypus (read: you!) has on the lives
of Vietnamese youth and their families.
Tran Thi Oanh
Oanh’s mother, her sole parent, was
born deaf and suffers from an intellectual
impairment. Oanh and her mother live
with Oanh’s 86-year-old grandmother
and her two uncles, both of whom also
suffer from intellectual disabilities. The 
family relies on social welfare in the
amount of 1.7 million VND (less than
AU$100) per month. Their neighbours
do what they can to support the family,
providing them with rice, vegetables
and other help where possible.

Oanh has been a Platypus
scholarship recipient since 2019.
A year 11 student at Nong Son High
School, she dreams of becoming a
preschool teacher.
Phan Thi Thuong
Thuong has lived with her adoptive
parents, who are both over 60 years
old, since she was born. Her mother
works at a local noodle shop, while
her father is unable to work due to a
heart condition. 

Thuong has been receiving
financial assistance from
Platypus scholarship since 2015.
She is currently a year 11 student
at Nong Son High School, where
she has been receiving excellent
Pham Thi Anh Thu
Thu's parents are divorced, and she
lives with her maternal grandparents.
Because Thu's grandfather is
disabled, her Grandma provides for
the family by raising chickens and
growing vegetables.

Thu is currently a year 9 student at
Huynh Thuc Khang Secondary
School and has been a Platypus
Scholarship recipient for the past 3
years. She is a good student and
hopes to become a preschool teacher.
Vo Van Thanh Tai
Tai’s lives with his parents, who sell soy
milk for a living, and an older brother.
Tai’s mother is undergoing treatment for breast and cervical cancer. Recently, his father was in an accident and broke his

Tai started receiving financial assistance from Platypus last year. He is a year 7 student at Nguyen Du Secondary School, where he has received excellent grades
for 6 consecutive years.

Tai dreams of becoming a doctor so that he can one day cure his parents.

Platypus' Poverty Alleviation

Due to the disruption caused by
COVID-19 and the limitations it has put on our fundraising, we have suspended our community activities such as vocational training, community gifting and additional micro-banking until we can once again stage our fundraising rides across Vietnam. We hope to resume these important programs soon and will keep you posted.

Thank yous to our departing volunteers


Mark has been our engine room since Day 1 and was an integral part of every worthwhile thing we have done. He is semi-retired now and wants to devote himself to his ever-growing brood of grandchildren, so we have a giant pair of shoes in urgent need of an occupant. We desperately need a motivated, kind hearted soul with a good sense of humour (and some IT skills!) to run our website and generally help steer the ship.

It is a Committee position and has a commensurate salary package total of up to $0 including allowances and bonus. If you have any interest in this position, Bob would love to hear from you: rob.greer@bigpond.com.

Thanks for being part of our brickwork, Mark, and all the best to you and Julie.


We have lost another stalwart in Geoff, our auditor since inception. He is retiring, so there is another large pair of shoes that desperately needs filling. Our audits are straightforward, but Geoff would probably
be happy to discuss that with prospective auditors. If you are interested or know someone who may be, Bob would be
happy to hear from you: 0421 633 145.

We are deeply appreciative of the
massive support we enjoyed from Geoff
and his most capable team at A&T Accountants (formerly Athans and
Taylor) of Joondalup.


The Board of  Platypus wishes to
express its sincere gratitude to Diana
Tran, who has devoted a huge amount
of time and energy to Platypus over
the past 4+ years. Diana, thank you
for your enthusiasm, superb
organisational skills, and for adding a
touch of glamour to our fundraising
events. Your willingness to spread the
good word about Platypus has resulted
in many fantastic individuals coming on board to support our mission, in both the Vietnamese-Australian community and
the broader Australian community. 

Thank you, Diana!


Abseiling - Expressions of Interest

We are delighted to be collaborating with Urban Descent (part of the Adventure Out organisation) on an abseiling event in the centre of Perth. Urban Descent is run by Terry Hewett, an ex-SASR man, who has not only maintained a perfect safety record over the last 20 years, but has helped local charities raise a great deal of money.

We have 3 Platypus members signed up to abseil so far, although one is not yet confirmed. Bob Rees from Albany lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle tragedy in Malawi that left him a widower. He wants to abseil but is riding on his modified motorcycle to Philip Island to see the MotoGP in October, so he may have a date clash. We hope to hell this inspiring character can make it – he’s not pretty but he sure has megalitres of sheer guts. He’s working hard on those legs, so watch this space.

Abseiling is good, safe and clean fun. If you are at all interested, Bob Greer would love to hear from you at rob.greer@bigpond.com.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the 20th!

Yours sincerely,
Bob Greer
April 2021

On the edge of the bean

On the edge of the Bean

A new continuous coffee cherry process is predicted to capitalise on the sustainability wave and revolutionise the coffee value chain.

Not many know that coffee comes in a cherry and in the drive to get to the sacred bean the cherry is discarded. Some ‘value adders’ process the Cherries into sweets, or Cascara a coffee cherry tea.

The cold manufacturing process retains more of the antioxidants in the whole fruit manufacturing process, minimises waste and produces an oil, a beverage and when dried a powder.

Mixing roasted beans in the process can be used to impart a stronger coffee flavour.

Major drink manufacturers like Pepsi and CocaCola are said to be interested in to process to allow them to produce healthier soda alternatives.

The process is being patented and markets are being explored. Already Cascara is seen as a High anti oxidant, pleasant tasting, low sugar drink and an aid to digestion.

It may take a while to get this process into the farm and the new products to the market place but the process is already being used to produce cold brew coffee and ticks all the boxes with high Antioxidant products, less food waste and improved sustainability.

Shipping to go up - buy now to avoid increase next weekend -EMC Coffee Clearance

Shipping rates to go up – order now before we adjust the shipping rates as per the price rise.The new rates will go up on the store next weekend so get your order in before Friday.

Last carton of EMC reduced as close to code - fresh supplies wil be in our next shipment but that’s a little way off and the EMC is still drinking well as a Typical Robusta Vietnamese Coffee so buy now at this special Price.

EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 2 with shipping

EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g $6.99


EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 2 with shipping  $21.99


EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 5 with shipping  $47


EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 9 packs - with shipping  $64.50


Robusta Coffee with all the flavours that make for a fantastic cup of Vietnamese coffee. A hint of Moka and caramel for that full coffee flavour. A great vietnamese coffee to add cinnamon to

Fantastic for your Cafe su da and specially selected and ground for phin

Watch Van’s Viet-coffee Face book for our upcoming Delayed Lunar New Year event

Free Farmdale Sweetened Condensed Milk with all orders of 4 packs or more - Chuc Mung Nam Moi - Sorry we are very busy

It all  been a  bit exciting thes last few months.

Western Australia has had bushfires that went within just over a Kilometer of our family farm.

We had lock down and lots of new customers have been finding us on the Web.

We have beenb busy keeping up and changing plans as Viet-coffee with Western Australia Voietnam Business council was to have a Lunar New year event but this has had to be put off due to our lockdown and subsequent restrictions.

So apologies for our tardiness in sending out a communication.

There have been a number of Black Swan event’s (very unusual circumstances) and this has led to us to look  further afield for some product. We don’t anticipate huge problems with our next shipment but Longevity milk appears to have gone unavailable when we went to restock.

We have found an alternative that is in different packaging  but comes from the same country of manufacture – appears to have the same size and weight can and nutrition components. So I am working on the principle of if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck.

We have a special offer for all orders with  4 or more packs you get a free pack of “Farmdale Sweetened Condensed Milk” – Limited to 24 orders. Remember to ask for special offer.

Thanks for your patience with deliveries – All couriers have been under the pump. Please contact us  if you have any questions or perceived problems.  We like to get it right first time or  sort it out for you but sometimes it just goes wrong.

We are getting so many orders now that we missed one person’s problem this year – we are sorry we missed one of their emails and they didn’t get back to us – we are available on our mobiles 0409642770  - 0402010916 text or leave a message. We may not  available but we do have to eat, work and sleep.

Chuc mung nam moi for the Year of the Ox (water buffalo) - - Vietnam is now recovering from their week off to celebrate lunar new year with family and friends.

Christmas Update (with working Pictures)- Too short!! Vietnamese Coffee shop in Seattle - Shipping Upgrade special

Viet-coffee Christmas shipping Special with Australia Post (Ends for orders placed on Boxing Day 2020) – All Austpost selected shipping will be upgraded to Express Post

Conditions apply – Must request upgrade in order details

All previous special offers ended.

WAVBC Christmas Party

The Final event of the year for Western Australia Vietnam Business Councl  with Viet-Coffee sponsoring the event. Extra special thanks to the Duxton for the help with the venue and catering. See the story on Facebook and Linkedin

Viet-coffee worked with Ty the Duxton’s Bar Manager to Develop a Vietnamese Coffee Martini. As usual Viet-coffee provided Door prizes and had door prize giveaways of ten of our Viet-coffee Martini’s.

The recipe is as follows

Viet-Coffee Martini

30 ml Viet -Coffee liquor

30 ml Longevity milk

30 ml Gin or Vodka (Westwinds Sabre Gin) (Hanoi or Men Vodka)

15 ml Amareto


Iced coupe glass

Shake well

Pour (through filter)

Garnish with shake of  cappuccino cocoa and 3 beans

Mixing in progress – needs a very vigorous and longish shake to get a good crema

Pour through a filter

Garnish with cappuccino cocoa, three beans and an edible straw.

Viet-coffee is looking forward to this being the signature cocktail for the Duxton and Ty  (the Bar manager) making a chilli version!


Other coffee news – Times have changed but I came across this old story which was news to me! Ultimately Gloria Jeans left Vietnam in April 2018 – And New Vietnamese Coffee house in Seattle both stories Courtesy of Daily Coffee News

Free Coffee for Tall Women Promotion Comes Up Short


Nick Brown | December 14, 2012

A reportedly unsanctioned promotion from representatives of Gloria Jean’s Coffee  in Vietnam that offered free drinks to women who met a height requirement naturally ended badly.

Vietnam’s state media reports say the promotion was playing off a government campaign to try to increase the average height of Vietnamese citizens. The coffee company, which is based in Australia and boasts retail coffee shops in 39 countries throughout the world, was offering free second drink refills to females who stood at least 1.65 meters (or approximately 5 feet, 6 inches) tall.

In a brief statement, Gloria Jean’s International said the promotion was not approved by the company: “This promotion did not reflect the values of our brand, as we welcome everyone into our coffee houses around the world,” it said.

According to an Associated Press report, the company killed the promotion only after receiving criticism on its Facebook page for it being offensive to most Vietnamese women (the average female <at the time> height for Vietnamese women is 5’1″.


Coffeeholic House Brings the Latest in Vietnamese Coffee to Seattle

Craig Batory | September 23, 2020

The new Coffeeholic House in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. All images courtesy of Coffeeholic House.

Opening at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic’s first wave in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, Coffeeholic House has been offering a welcome slice of contemporary Vietnamese coffee culture.

“Growing up in Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, I think this is the vibe that we’re trying to create — from the interior designs, the patterns in the store, to menu items, and a warm welcome,” Chen Dien, who founded Coffeeholic House along with partner Trang Cao, told DCN.

Within the 900-square-foot cafe, the young couple behind Coffeeholic House have created a menu of Vietnamese phin-brewed specialty drinks along with traditional espresso-based drinks, using specialty-grade Vietnamese arabica and robusta coffee sourced from Brooklyn, New York’s Nguyen Coffee Supply.

After working in coffee since their teenage years, Dien and Cao signed a lease on the Columbia City storefront in July of 2019. Following months of permitting, inspections and a meticulous buildout, the grand opening unfortunately coincided with the pandemic surge, and the shop opened with just takeout and curbside pickup.

“We have a lot of passion for running our own coffee shop,” said Dien. “We decided to not let the global pandemic discourage us… We just did what we had to do.”

Though Dien and Cao were the shop’s only two employees, they managed to stay open every day of the week through the early days of the pandemic before closing for only one day in mid June to join a silent march and hand out water and snacks to supporters of Black lives and racial justice.

Said Dien, “As a person of color, I understand the importance of fighting for equality.” 

Back at the shop, Dien and Cao continue to offer a menu that includes espresso-based drinks alongside drinks made through traditional Vietnamese phin brewing devices.

“Our best-sellers are the ube latte and Bac Siu,” said Dien. There are also alternative drink options like a honey latte, a matcha latte, and blended drinks. The shop is also maintaining seasonal drink specials. Phin coffee drinks are crafted on customized black phin brewers that display Coffeeholic’s name on the top. 

Though indoor seating is not yet possible, the interior design features hanging lamps made to look like Vietnamese silk lanterns, a painting of Vietnamese tropical birds and flowers, and black and white patterned paintings. And above the espresso bar is a small loft area with tropical plants and additional seating. 

Even as the shop has seen a steady flow of foot traffic during the pandemic, the owners are naturally looking forward to a time when guests can more deeply take in their Vietnamese-inspired surroundings.

Said Dien, “Coffeeholic House is supposed to be a cafe where people can sit down, gather around the table, watch the coffee drip and enjoy the good vibes.” 

Coffeeholic House is located at 3700 S. Hudson St. in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood



Christmas count down - Viet-Coffee Gift packs - Metrang MC1 and TNI Gourment Blend buy 2 get one free Special - Coffee News

Count down to Christmas has started in earnest

Shipping deadlines fast approaching. Remember we are in Perth Western Australia and the distance to the East is more than London to Moscow so it takes a little longer and demand for shipping is only going up as we get to Christmas.

Sending within Australia

Send Parcel Post by Saturday 12 December 2020.

Send Express Post by Saturday 19 December 2020.


Want to give something different for Christmas?

What about a Viet-Coffee gift pack. We have a wide selection of packs you can choose from in our Accessories section of the store. Or our Unique Specialty Tea Selection from Hatvala with a recently expanded range. Or make your own!

Choose from

Gout de Paris 250g with 2 Espresso Phin and 2 iced coffee spoons

Taste of Vietnam - All you need to make Vietnamese coffee

Viet-Coffee Affogato pack - Vietnamese Western fusion dessert

We can ship your parcel overseas with our special discount rates. Ask for a quote specifying the size of your order

If you put “Christmas present” in the notes section of your order we can leave out the invoice for you and send a card on your behalf.

Or for the person who has everything how about a donation of their behalf to Blue Lotus. The gift that gives twice – a tax deductable receipt and the knowledge that you are going to make a difference especially now with the major flooding in Central Vietnam.  

Feed a child this Christmas


Get 50% more Special still on for Metrang MC1 ground coffee and TNI Gourmet Blend – must mention Buy 2 get one free in your order details. Special ends Midnight (WST) end November

Article Below sourced from VietNam News

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp and Will Mackereth, supply chain director at Nestlé Vietnam, present awards to the winners at the NESCAFÉ Plan Farmer Contest held during the 2019 Việt Nam Coffee Day celebrations in Gia Lai Province. — Photo courtesy of Nestlé

Vietnams aging coffee plantations have been identified as an opportunity to improve yields thought better plan stock, and changed farming practices.

Drivers for improved production have come on top of global coffee prices falling 40% since 2010.

Lương Văn Tự, chairman of the Việt Nam Coffee and Cocoa Association, said the 2019-20 crop is likely to see output fall by 20 per cent.

There have been a number of Industry led programs to improve viability and profitability for coffee farmers. NESCAFE has a worldwide program designed to address falling production.

“So far, the project has distributed 36 million high-yield and diseases-resistant coffee saplings to farmers and helped rejuvenate over 36,000ha of aged coffee areas in the Central Highlands.

It has also provided training to over 230,000 coffee famers in best practices to improve bean quality and ensure sustainable farming and helped over 21,000 farmers achieve 4C international certification and increase their incomes by 30 per cent.

The project also helps protect the environment by reducing water use by 40 per cent and fertiliser and pesticide use by over 20 per cent.”

Will Mackereth, supply chain director at Nestlé Vietnam,  said “Nestle has been promoting  intercropping with other crops like pepper, avocado and durian. This means that they can be more resilient so that if the coffee prices are low as they are today they still have a good income from other product streams, but also that the cost of coffee production in Việt Nam is extremely efficient and extremely competitive.

VietNam News identifies Nguyễn Đức Huề, a farmer in Ia Hrung Commune, Ia Grai District, Gia Lai Province, who participated in NESCAFÉ Plan in 2014, saying his coffee productivity has increased sharply to five tonnes per hectare on average thanks intercropping his 4ha coffee plantation with avocado in 2016 and now harvests the fruits.

Tự said: “The productivity of coffee farms participating in the project is 4.5-5 tonnes per hectare, much higher than the country’s average of 2.6 tonnes, he said.

“The project contributes greatly to the coffee sector’s target of replacing 130,000 hectare of ageing coffee out of a total coffee area of 650,000 hectare.”

The competition attracted the participation of 90 outstanding coffee farmers from Đắk Lắk, Đắk Nông, Gia Lai and Lâm Đồng.

Mackereth said: “2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of NESCAFÉ Plan Vietnam and we expect many more such activities.”

Nestlé is the biggest buyer of coffee in Việt Nam, buying US$700 million worth a year. — VNS


Christmas deliveries order now not later - Ride for Melanoma update - Blue Lotus Update - Early Christmas sale buy now!!

Christmas Cut Off For Deliveries Looming

  With more parcels being sent throughout the courier network than ever before, we’re preparing for our busiest festive season yet. Couriers and Viet-coffee will be scaling up for Christmas to manage this heightened demand. To help us deliver in time for the big day, please send as early as possible. The earlier you send, the sooner your parcels will reach you.

Time is of the essence – note orders from Friday cant be shipped until the following Monday, orders received late in the evening may not commence shipping until the day after. Expedited shipping is available with Australia for a few dollars more depending on the size of your order. Ask us how . Text  0409642770 (may not get immediate reply)


Ride for Melanoma update

My brother reached his Target of $1500 raised and had a successful ride – thanks for your support in this poignant ride for him on his friends bike who recently died of melanoma.


Blue Dragon Update from Michael Brosowski


Dear Hugh,

In a year that's been packed with emergencies, I’m looking forward to Christmas and the end-of-year celebrations – and I’m sure you are, too!

From major bushfires around the world, to the global pandemic, and more recently to devastating floods in Vietnam, 2020 has been hard on us all. As the co-CEO of Blue Dragon, I’ve been humbled by the generosity of people who have donated and sent messages of support throughout the year. Because of you, children and families in deep crisis have received care, safe shelter, legal advocacy, counselling, and education. All this would have been impossible without you.

With the end of the year now in sight, there's something I need to ask of you.

As we approach Christmas, Blue Dragon is asking our friends around the world to make a donation of $15 to feed kids in crisis. It costs about $1 per day to provide food for a child, so $15 is enough for 15 days - half a month!


Feed a child this Christmas



Hugh, this isn't one of the emergencies you'll find in newspaper headlines and Twitter feeds, but it is an absolutely crucial need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of Vietnamese people deep into poverty, with people losing their jobs and having no savings or means of survival. Since early October, typhoons, floods and landslides have been devastating central Vietnam, causing even greater hardship for families who were already doing it tough.

Hong is one child in need of your help. She’s only 15, and she's already had to quit studying. With the COVID lockdown earlier in the year, her family lost all of their income and Hong couldn't go back to school. Because Hong lives in a remote village, she used to go to a boarding school, which is free… but she has to provide her own meals.

Simply because of this cost, just $1 day, Hong has had to give up her dreams of having an education and a career. I hope you’ll agree with me that kids shouldn’t have to choose between going hungry and going to school. So let’s put this right.

The girls and boys here at Blue Dragon have had a tough year - like all of us. The difference is that they're also dealing with the trauma of being trafficked, the hardships of being homeless, and the pain of domestic abuse.

Hugh, if you can set aside a one-time donation of $15 to feed a child in Vietnam as part of your Christmas preparations, you'll be making sure that hungry girls and boys get the meals they need to fill their bellies.

At a time of year when you're out buying gifts and preparing your Christmas events - appropriately socially distanced, of course! - I hope this is something you can consider as an important, meaningful gift that you can make for a child in Vietnam.


Donate healthy meals now



And I know that this year it simply might not be possible; I know that many have lost jobs and had their incomes reduced. If this is not the right time for me to ask, then I ask your forgiveness. And if you are able to help, I would be most appreciative.


Michael Brosowski
Founder & co-CEO



Christmas special for the Month of November - Special 50% more   -only for Metrang MC1 Arabic Robusta super clean ground coffee 500g – and - Gourmet Blend - King Coffee - 500g ground coffee This is Not listed on the site and only available when you ask in the order notes. if you dont ask you wont recieve 

Buy two packs get an extra pack – No extra shipping charge – Only for the month of November – finishes Midnight last Day of November by the Gregorian Calendar.

Stay Safe - Best Wishes

Hugh and Van

Face Book news 2 items - Charity ride for Melanoma and Amazing Vietnam

Charity Ride for Melanoma

My Brother Paul Collin is doing a special ride for Melanoma this week end - We are supporting him Please use this link to donate and see his story


I will be riding along the Kep track to Muresk in less than 2 weeks and back the next day- a 160 km round trip. The ride is a fund raiser for Melanoma research . The bike I am using belonged to my friend who died this year of Melanoma. Hope you can make a donation.


Amazing Vietnam - see this on our face book page

Amazing Vietnam

Watch as tall tress are cut down from the top just one man one chain saw!

He must be drinking Vietnamese Coffee!

Cut and past the link below to your browser or go to our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/VietnameseCoffeeAndTea

Amazing Vietnam
Egg Coffee - likened to a Tiramisu

Different types of coffee drinks

Van in the past has always had an aversion to egg coffee – I have tried it in Hanoi in winter and found it to be a warm comforting coffee for the cold weather. Also a great comfort food in those colder days in Australia

If you were asked do you want your coffee with egg most would say 'No!' unless they already know the secret and have tried and enjoyed the silky creamy blend.

I was sceptical as to its delights. I really preferred Café su da in Saigon where we spend most of our time in Vietnam. Iced coffee suiting the hot climate and making for an energising and refreshing breakfast cup. At home I have a double espresso to start my day as I don’t make time in the morning for a sit down cup of Vietnamese coffee and I like the hot espresso in the cooler months.

Van even years later makes all sorts of faces at me as I  prepare this and I love the back stories I have read about the varying purported origins of this drink.

One story is the Viet Q wanted to emulate eggnog from Thanksgiving in USA and have it with coffee from their homeland– certainly plausible.

Interstingly internationally there are a number of countries with Egg coffee drinks but the Cà Phê Trứng - Vietnamese Egg coffee is the one with a great back story.

In the 1940's there was a shortage of fresh milk and chef Nguyen Van Giang invented the drink at Hanoi’s Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel.

Wanting to create a creamy coffee with no milk was a challenge but there was easy access to eggs and Longevity milk.

His son son Nguyen Van Dao now runs the Giang Café and the trip down the alley is well worth the experience. There are photos on the wall of the family and orginal café and the dingy alley opens up to a two story building with courtyard.

Link for picture if not displaying properly (https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x3135abc0ee85335d%3A0xfca3408ac50e7363!3m1!7e115!4shttps%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipOVGg--Spondu5rI_HV8BAhprsiz3d4BGceXapz%3Dw213-h160-k-no!5scafe%20giang%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOVGg--Spondu5rI_HV8BAhprsiz3d4BGceXapz&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjdr57FyoDsAhVf6nMBHSILCq4QoiowGnoECBoQBg# )

The invented drink was so popular that Giang was able to set up his own Café Giang, now  hidden off Nguyen Huan, Hoan Kiem in Hanoi. The menu has expanded to include chocolate, green bean, rum and chocolate and Matcha. The mix also includes butter and cheese and is a closely guarded secret.

Link for picture if not displaying correctly ( https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x3135abc0ee85335d%3A0xfca3408ac50e7363!3m1!7e115!4shttps%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipOVGg--Spondu5rI_HV8BAhprsiz3d4BGceXapz%3Dw213-h160-k-no!5scafe%20giang%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipN9_a73DNooWTKNi8dqBolgI6GjL9Ag2CBCsupe&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjdr57FyoDsAhVf6nMBHSILCq4QoiowGnoECBoQBg# )

Its available in hot and cold form just as with traditional Vietnamese coffee’s – here’s a little visual of café Giang and their egg coffee (cut and paste link to your browser)


I made our own recipe of this nutritious coffee drink and it gets the flavour tick of approval from Van.

I use the Avanti Café glasses to avoid the need for extra container, so if you want a set of 6 for $60 they are available on special order with ship for free.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Ca phe trung) al la Hugh

A delicious rich Vietnamese coffee topped with a coffee cream fluff made with whipped egg whites and combined with sweetened condensed milk egg yolk and an infusion of coffee.

Ingredients for 6

240 ml Vietnamese coffee brewed through a phin or 8 shots expresso (30 ml a shot)

3 whole eggs (separated)

6 tbs Longevity milk

1.5 teaspoon sugar preferably icing sugar or regular ok

Optional ingredient - Choccochino coffee powder


Special equipment

Chef's whisk and SS mixing bowl

Measuring jug 2 cup or larger

Small spatula

Avanti Café Twin Wall Glass 250 ml x 6

Espresso machine or Vietnamese coffee preparation equipment



Either start making 240 ml Vietnamese coffee or wake up coffee machine for 8 shots

Separate eggs

Whisk egg whites with tsp sugar to make glossy meringue style mix

Fold in egg yolks and 6 table spoons longevity milk (due to thick gloopy texture of the milk I just get the spoon full and let most of it drip into mix then go again and only scrape mix of at last spoon  - you use about 1/2 to 2/3  of the tin.

Mix in 2 shots of expresso or 60 ml Vietnamese coffee to the egg mix

Put one shot of Espresso in 6 glasses

Float egg coffee cream mix if not really stiff with spatula if you want better separation or as a variation just run the coffee through the egg mix in the glass and the coffee picks up on the creamy flavours and its not eggy at all – more like a tiramisu.


Dust on a Shake of Choccochino mix

This makes a great dessert style drink, it gets Van’s Flavour tick and looks great in the twin wall glass.

Have as a dinner dessert - you can use our low caffeing coffee for those sensitive to caffeine at the end of the day or its a great morning coffee drink

All of our coffees can be used to make this authentic Vietnamese style coffee

Coffee On


Hugh and Van




Vietnamese Independence Day 2 September & Blue Dragon Update

Blue Dragon Update

Dear Hugh,

When Blue Dragon was facing an unprecedented crisis earlier this year, you answered our call for help.

Your donation to the Emergency Appeal has given direct, practical assistance to children and families who have been facing crisis upon crisis in their lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused millions to lose their income. Children have been forced to leave home to find work or come to the cities to beg on the streets. Girls and women are even more vulnerable to trafficking because of their desperation to find employment. But at a time when the whole world was in crisis, you gave to Blue Dragon's work, so that children and women could be safe.

Today I just want to say thank you. If you have 2 minutes, please take a look at the short video my team and I prepared to share our appreciation of your generosity.

There are many challenges ahead, with the number of homeless children and trafficking cases continuing to be very high. Hugh, I don't know how long this struggle will last, but I do know we couldn't have come this far without you.

Thank you.


Michael Brosowski
Founder & co-CEO


Vietnamese Independance Day

Vietnamese Independence or National Day (VietnameseNgày Quốc Khánh) is a national holiday observed on 2 September, commemorating President Hồ Chí Minh reading the Declarations of independence of Vietnam at Ba Đình Square in Hanoi on 2 September 1945. It is the celebration of the culmination of the August Revolution associated with  the abdication of Emperor Bảo Đại  on 25 August 1945 ending the Nguyễn dynasty and the Establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

As an aside Egg coffee had been going for about 5 years in Vietnam – invented due to the shortage of milk

Celebrate Independance day with some special coffee today $ off

Get yours here today $109 - Search Legend or cut and paste the link


Australia Post and other courier congestion across Australia and Viet-Coffee goes Truffle Hunting

Dear All

I have today received this mesage from Australia Post and it is indicative of problems across the whole of the courier network across Australia in these unusual times.

Viet-coffee has a policy of, where-ever possible, processing orders in the evening for putting with the courier the next day.

Some times we do better, however with pressures on all courier services as indicated in the below email sent to us by Australia Post, and from conversations with other couriers, where collections are either missed or rescheduled without notice.  Some couriers companies currently are not able to meet demand. As a result please expect delayed shipment times. 

As before, we continue to post shipping details of your order with the Paypal site with your payment record. Paypal says you will receive an email notfication of shipping.

Australia Post sends shipping notifications. Unfortunately  some customers spam filters are too strong for these emails and they end up blocked or in spam or junk folders.

if you have not received notification of shipping please look to your spam or junk folder and we can update you if you have not received your shipping notificaiton.

Important update on our operations

Dear Hugh,

Over the last three weeks, Australia Post has experienced a significant increase in demand as Victorians have increased their online buying due to stage 4 lockdowns. So much so, that our parcel volumes in Victoria for August are up approximately 150% year-on-year compared to the national average of 90%.

At the same time, our business has been required to make additional adjustments in our processing and deliveries workforce to comply with the State Government's COVID safe restrictions.

From the very start of the pandemic, we have been clear that our strategy has been to protect our people, serve our customers and safeguard the business.

Safety of our people is not-negotiable and the current situation in Victoria, with massive volumes and severe congestion in our network, has us at a point of concern for the safety of our workforce.

To make sure we can still safely deliver for your customers, the following changes are immediately necessary:

No Weekend Collections in Victoria
There will be no collections in Victoria this weekend – the last pickup for the week will be Friday 28 August 2020 by 8pm and the next collection will be Monday 31 August 2020 commencing from 5am.

Victoria destined Parcels
With the massive demand and workforce capacity constraints, we foresee an additional 3 day delay for deliveries in Victoria. This is both within and into Victoria.

This means, any lodgements made in other States destined for Victoria may be held in those States for up to 3 business days to allow Victoria to work through the present demand.

Father's Day
For deliveries across Australia, we recommend at least the following lodgement dates for delivery before Father's Day on Sunday 6 September 2020:

  • Parcel Post and letters – Friday 28 August 2020
  • Express Post parcels – Monday 31 August 2020

For items lodged after these dates, whilst we will try our best, we do not expect to be able to meet delivery for Father's Day.

We will keep you updated regularly over the next few weeks and anticipate reviewing the situation in line with the easing of level 4 restrictions.

We appreciate the implications of these decisions and want to assure you we are doing our very best within these extremely challenging times.

I'm sure you can appreciate we cannot compromise the safety of our people and I appreciate your ongoing support as we work through this together.

Stay safe,

Gary Starr
Executive General Manager,
Business, Government and International



Australian Truffle Traders

Viet-coffee recently went on a day trip to Manjimup for aTruffle Hunt

The weather wasn't the best but it was really interesting to see a truffle dog at work among the trees in the Trufflery - We must have found hundreds of dollars of Truffles and Van bought her find backAustralianTruffle Traders

Above - the first find of the day

The Trufflery was in full Winter colours

bleow - Washing the spoils of the truffle hunting - Possibly $700 worth of truffles that can be exported all over the globe

Van's Truffle packaged and ready to go

Booth Family owners of the Trufflery

Mel Booth with one of the dogs

A great day out on the Avocado Bus, a delicious lunch in Manjimup and well worth the early start and late finish


King Coffee Whole Bean Trial shipment  & Platypus Charity update


We have taken a trial shipment of TNI whole bean Coffee.  Having tried samples of their beans last year we found the range to be fine quality and a great compliment to our existing typically Vietnamese beans. Fitting with our philosophy of picking the best of Vietnam but this time with some of the blends being particularly western in style and TNI Venturing into the best of the Coffee world outside of Vietnam including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil as well as the best from Vietnam.

I have the signature Arabica Blend in the espresso machine at home at the moment  and the flavour is bold and typically Arabica in style with the high Arabica note and full Arabica palate with a good crema, medium body and an Arabica bitter sweet finish. I am always delighted to watch the crema settle in our espresso test glasses, and the Signature blend doesn’t disappoint.

We have only a limited quantity of these beans in 5 flavours Breakfast, Signature, Espresso, Da Lat and Boun Ma Thout. Check out the tasting notes and buy yours now.

Start your Day with King Coffee’s Breakfast


Bittersweet Citrus Notes

A perfect combination of the Arabica premium beans from well-known coffee-growing regions such as Brazil, Guatemala, Cau Dat and the Vietnamese Robusta premium beans that were medium-roasted to give mild bitter sweetness and aroma pluses a hint of citrus to delight the taste buds and lift up your spirit for a new day.

Ingredients:-Arabica from Brazil, Guatemala, Cau Dat and some Vietnamese Robusta.


Or experience the Rich & Intense Buon Ma Thout.


A typical blend of the finest Robusta & Arabica dark-roasted beans from the most well-known coffee-growing regions in Vietnam – Buon Ma Thuot & Da Lat, to produce rich and intense satisfying Arabica Robusta blend. 

Ingredients:-Arabica Cau Dat and Robusta Buon Ma Thuot.


Transport yourself to the flower and food basket of Vietnam with the Da Lat blend.



Rich aroma, Mild acidity & Light bitterness, Made from 100% Arabica beans being from Cau Dat in Da Lat – the best Arabica-growing region in Vietnam. These beans are medium-roast to give the typical rich aroma, mild acidity and light bitterness. (Not a typical Vietnamese Style Full roast – just about first crack with the oil just becoming evident and an ideal roast for your personal espresso machine)

Ingredients: Arabica Cau Dat


Mild Espresso with an international favour.

Typical Italian Taste, Classic Notes of Caramel


Specially made for espresso lovers. The highest quality Arabica beans grown in Colombia, Brazil, Cau Dat and Vietnamese Robusta premium beans are under the meticulously dark-roasting process to achieve the typical Italian espresso taste by the classic notes of caramel. Almost all Italian Espresso’s have Robusta to help with the crema – about 20% is considered ideal – here is an international blend with Colombian Arabica dominating.

Ingredients:- Arabica Colombia, Robusta Vietnam, Arabica Brazil, Arabica Cau Dat


And Finally A Crème de La Crema – Signature


Complex, Medium-body and Bittersweet

A gift crafted by TNI experts for the coffee lovers. From the choicest Arabica beans grown in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Cau Dat and Vietnamese Robusta premium beans at medium-roasted process for a wonderful complex flavour with medium-body and bittersweet finish. 

Ingredients:- Arabica Ethiopia & Guatemala, Robusta Vietnam, Arabica Brazil and Cau Dat.



Platypus Update



Dear Hugh

We normally send out our yearly report after completion of our annual audit but we have just completed an extraordinary year and are keen to inform you of the major issues as we prepare to launch our activities for the financial year ahead.

Most of you may be aware that like every other charity around, our finances were severely threatened by the coronavirus. Our Vietnam Formula 1 Grand Prix fundraising motorcycle ride had to be cancelled, as was a cycle ride in North Vietnam and a motorcycle fundraiser ride in the mountains of North Vietnam.

We even had to cancel our centerpiece annual fundraiser dinner and auction, so we were looking at utilizing our reserves to run perhaps 50% of our normal program. That is when we began to realise just how deep our supporters will dig for a good cause.

We ran an on-line auction with offerings donated as usual by a host of generous people - The Usual Suspects were prominent as always. Many guests who had booked seats for the dinner donated their ticket money anyway and many visited our on-line auction page to bid handsomely for items they did not desperately need and could probably have bought for less with a little judicious shopping around. Others simply donated until, against all odds, we had raised enough to fund our normal activities. 

Weekends at private beach-side family homes were made available to bidders, home wine cellars were plundered for auction offerings, an exotic dinner at a leading Margaret River winery, a painting by a leading artist and supporter of several years……. the list goes on.

The target was reached with a fair amount of serendipity. A BYO gesture from Nolita Trattoria in Claremont raised $2,070 in a torrid year for the restaurant trade. An elderly supporter who wishes to remain anonymous (thanks very much, Pauline!) donated $2,000 while a gesture from Howard Park Wines raised $1,560.
The wives of the Scots who rode with us in Vietnam and Laos raised an additional $1,000 and one of the riders emptied out his piggy bank to the tune of $1,000 thus thoroughly undermining the reputation of Scots as a miserly lot. A long term supporter found $1,000 and there were heaps of other acts of generosity.

Luck had nothing to do with all this, but we are blessed with great supporters, hence: serendipity; luck does not come into it. I should mention the Scots are keen to preserve their reputation for meanness, so you did not hear of their marvelous gestures from me: they are skinflints.

110 kids in the NW mountains will once again receive our support, as will 100 in the Central Highlands. Micro loans repaid will be recirculated to a new community, so there is great appreciation (and considerable surprise) that Platypus has not been forced to trim back support.

Our Vietnam partner, The Women’s Union has asked us to pass on their sincere appreciation of your generosity as the communities have been hard hit and have seen reductions in the activities of many charities and even government organisations.

Some of you are aware of a sort of Platypus offshoot, the Chris Rees Memorial Fund, currently supporting a young Hmong, Sung Thin Pha who is enjoying great success as a veterinary science university student, but we will let you have more news of his progress in the next month or so. This Fund is maintained mainly by those who have ridden with us in Vietnam and Laos and we will be launching it officially in the next month, having enjoyed considerable support before opening for business.

We make a point of travelling with the money, rather than following it. This enables us to assure you that the money ends up where we intend it to, but the virus has caused us to change our routine: our Hanoi part-time Liaison Officer Anh Dao will do the rounds for us and hand out the scholarship monies. She is a law graduate and travelled with me last year so she knows the ropes. The trip will probably have to be done in 2 halves as the NW mountains are expected to cop a very severe battering. Last year was quite bad with a couple of drownings; mudslides caused a few headaches and we had to by-pass a normal presentation site due to emergency access requirements. This year promises to be tougher.

The outlook for next year is of course very uncertain. Your generosity this year (as in every year since we commenced operations) has seen us over the line but we cannot take that for granted. We have ideas aplenty but they all rely on free international travel access and that looks less likely with each passing day. We welcome any ideas and suggestions you may have – there is no such thing as a dumb idea at Platypus although some say we specialize in such things!

Thank you once again for being there for us so we could be there for deserving youngsters and their families. 

Please stay safe and we hope to see many of you at our Charity Dinner 2021!

Yours sincerely,
Bob Greer
August 2020

Late news: Anh Dao informs me Vietnam is in partial lockdown due to a revisit of the virus, thought to be caused by illegal entrants from China. The scholarship trip will have to be improvised this year, but obviously there is great pressure on poor communities and I cannot adequately express our gratitude at being able to run our complete program once more. 








Copyright © 2020 Platypus Incorporated, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you kindly donated to our the Platypus Charity online or at one of our fund raising events.

Our mailing address is:

Platypus Incorporated

PO Box 2759,

Clarkson, WA 6030


Add us to your address book





Blue Dragon News

Communique from Blue Dragon - Covid 19 impacts on Vietnam

Hi Hugh,

I know that things are really difficult at the moment, and the coronavirus is having a huge impact all around the world. I very much hope that you and your family are safe and in good health.

Today I'd like to share some updates about how things are going here in Vietnam. As someone who supports Blue Dragon's work, I thought you might be interested to know of these developments and a few upcoming events.

First of all, coronavirus has returned to Vietnam. After 3 months of zero community transmission, it's been something of a shock for the virus to return so suddenly. At the time I am writing, 8 people have died and the cities of Hoi An and Danang are in lockdown. There is hope that the virus won't become widespread in other places, and so far most of Blue Dragon's work is continuing without many new disruptions (apart from us all having to wear masks).

There is clearly an upswing in cases of trafficking and exploitation; our rescue team is getting calls around the clock, including cases of children being trafficked within Vietnam. What we're seeing so far tends to be groups of children or young adults lured away from quite remote areas, typically in ethnic minority communities, on the promise of employment.

With all of the jobs that have dried up in the wake of the pandemic, people really are desperate for any opportunity and because of this have become extremely vulnerable to trafficking. In one case, 6 girls aged under 16 were taken from Sapa and sold into prostitution outside Hanoi - so this is deeply worrying and we are doing all we can to push back against the traffickers. (All 6 girls are now safely home, and we are providing ongoing care and legal representation for them).

Blue Dragon's street outreach team is continuing to meet many more children than we have in the past. Recently we've been finding triple the number of children sleeping rough compared to more normal times. Although this might seem less of an urgent concern than rescuing girls and women from slavery, our experience is that if we don't get to the kids very quickly, they will soon be found and exploited by pimps or gangs. Knowing what is likely to happen without our intervention, we are spending more time on the streets, and covering a wider area around Hanoi, in the hope of meeting more children as soon as they arrive in the city.

The good news is that with our rescues of people in slavery, and our work with Hanoi's homeless youth, we're having some good success in reaching people quickly and working with police to ensure their abusers are held accountable. Earlier in the year we put out an emergency call for help, and the money that you donated at that time is still providing shelter, care, and medical treatment for the young people we are meeting. I am incredibly grateful for the support Blue Dragon has received.

There's just one photo I would like to share with you so that you get a sense of the impact your support has for the children. Just today, we reunited a 15-year-old girl with her mother after rescuing her from slavery. She was taken from southern Vietnam, sold to a man in China and held as his slave for 9 months - she's now back in her mother's arms. Amidst all the grim news we see and hear every day, please don't forget that there is still plenty of reason for hope and joy.

If you're interested in continuing to support Blue Dragon's work through these difficult days, there's lots you can do. The Blue Dragon website keeps a list of coming events, from concerts in Hanoi to the Ngaio Book Fair in New Zealand. Keep an eye on this page, as we update it regularly.

You might also be interested in the coming Marathon Walk - which you can also do as a half marathon. On September 13, people around the world will be walking for Blue Dragon, with all money raised going towards our work of getting disadvantaged young people into training and jobs. You can sign up here... and if you don't want to (or can't) join in the Walk, you can consider sponsoring one of the walkers - such as Blue Dragon's outreach leader Vi, who will be doing the Walk with some of the kids. I'll be walking too, either with Vi or on a treadmill - depending on the weather!

Hugh, thanks for being a part of Blue Dragon. In this work we face some huge challenges, but as the years go by I am more and more convinced that we can stand up against trafficking and homelessness, and make real change for the children of this world - if we only work together.

And one last thing. This Thursday morning (Vietnam time) I'll be on a webinar with Darrell Wade, co-founder of Intrepid Travel. We'll be chatting about the Blue Dragon journey over the years, and how our organisations have made an impact for teens and young adults here in Vietnam. You can register to be on the webinar here.

Thanks again, and stay well. Although times are difficult now, I know we'll be seeing brighter days ahead.


Michael Brosowski
Founder & co-CEO

Coffee competition always hot in Vietnam - House Blend back in stock

Hot competition for Coffee shop retail space in Vietnam continues unabated with 3 of the big coffee chains Trung Nguyen, Highlands Coffee and The Coffee House  having their ambitious plans frustrated by challenges around retail space and Corona virus impacting on business.

Vinamilk has just announced that it will make a coffee chain, taking advantage of the system of 430 Vietnamese Dream Milk shops to sell coffee and captialising on their existing 430 "milk" cafes.

Coffee chains not afraid to go head to head

Fierce ‘war’ coffee chain

Here Highlands Coffee and The Coffee House are located opposite each other at Tran Khac Chan Roundabout. Photo: Phuc Minh.

Churning of coffee shops on prime locations is not uncommon now as new-comers fight it out with the old guard.

Trung Nguyen closed the top located store at Tran Khac Chan roundabout to be replaced by  Highlands Coffee – the “big” owner of the many coffee shops today.

Thay Trung Nguyen, the ground of Highlands Coffee is now directly opposite to The Coffee House. The two shops are only a few feet away. Meanwhile, adjacent to The Coffee House is Cong Coffee.

Other new comes have unusual (for Western standards) names - Cheese Coffee has become popular with young people with 9 storers in HCM city. Its selection of Tea and coffee’s present very well. The Cheese coffee name more of a reference to cheese cake and coffee