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MC1 free Phiin with order offer and Ventilators for Vietnam update

Viet-coffee update Mid October 2021


Viet-coffee with WAVBC 'Ventilators for Vietnam' raised over $15000 dollars at a special event at Art of Seafood (Major Sponsor) – there is still an opportunity to send in Donations to WAVBC as we have not finalised the account yet but please don’t wait for long- If you wish to donate, please advise WAVBC Treasurer – Walter Leijen via email of your desired donation treasurer@wavbc.org.au and he will forward an invoice if required and advise bank details for payment.

The event was held at Art of Seafood the Major sponsor for the very successful event.. A successful charity auction saw bottles of wine going for Hundreds of dollars and Vietnamese coffee for unheard of prices being in the hundreds of dollars.

Special thanks to  Art Of Seafood – Seafood Restaurant – Perth WA  and check them out at this link


Special offer on Metrang MC1 Coffee – every Metrang MC1 coffee includes a free Espresso Phin – Redemption of the offer requires you to put in a message in your order details – Free Phin Please

The blend is made from specially selected premium rabica and Robusta beans for that full flavour punch and typically great for a pick me up in the morning.

Van and I both love the flavour as being typically Vietnamese with high quality arabica and robusta beans for a mellow rich flavoured cup

I love the description on the pack "With all the love, indulgence and zeal , Me Trang was studying to create a product line at MC super clean filter coffee incessantly. Produced in a closed assembly line, clean material area completely. MC coffee's  associate between production and scientists for keeping purely coffee flavour of MC coffee. The effect at MC coffee on reduction cholesterol in blood, stimulate process of metabolism, lessen the danger of cancer.. and bring to you a cheery spirit for a new day."

How can you resist with this google translation

Coffee is a popular drink for us Vietnamese. Not as delicate as tea, not as strong as wine but bringing unexpected charm. For those who have a lot of confidants, many sorrows, enjoying coffee is more and more like a song with many bass notes.

Van and I have visited the factory and they are right they are really focussed on giving you super clean coffee with floors you could eat off, masks and hats worn by all staff and special closed off airtight rooms for packaging product.

They have modern clean equipment and close supervision of staff and processes to ensure a quality product all the time with a number of awards to attest to their attention to detail.

Buy single pack  here $11.49

Metrang MC1 Arabic Robusta super clean ground coffee 500g

Buy multiple packs in BX1, bulk or larger pack sizes for shipping discounts in the store.

Buy twin pack with shipping here $26.99


Metrang MC1 Arabic Robusta super clean ground coffee 500g x 2 with shipping

All previous special offers ceased and Metrang MC1 free phin offer for a short time only


Special offer of free Phin with Che Phin

Trung Nguyen Coffee Che Phin Ground Coffee

There are five types of Trung Nguyen “Che Phin” Ground Coffee. Each with their own blend and special flavour but all typically Vietnamese and especially suited to Phin Use,  Special offer - free phin with each order of Che Phin Coffee - limited stock - limited time.  You must ask to get the offer of free phin .


Trung Nguyen Coffee Che Phin Ground Coffee

There are five types of Trung Nguyen “Che Phin” Ground Coffee. Each with their own blend and special flavour but all typically Vietnamese and especially suited to Phin Use,


Che Phin 1 (Trung Nguyen) 500g Ground Vietnamese Coffee (especially for Phin

Famous Buon Ma Thuot (Vietnam) Culi Robusta coffee beans are the base for the Che Phin 1- considered as the world’s best Robusta with its typically Vietnamese deliciously strong taste. Trung Nguyen’s Che Phin 1 is specially produced for Phin coffee.   Caffeine content 2.5%

$12.94 for 500g


Che Phin 2 (Trung Nguyen) 500g Ground Vietnamese Coffee Robusta Arabica Blend

Che Phin 2 Trung Nguyen is made from the best Robusta and Arabica coffee beans from the coffee mecca of Buon Ma Thuot. Using the world's most modern technologies and blending know-how. Uniquely flavoured and difficult to copy, Che Phin No. 2 has a soft, nostalgic aroma, a rich and captivating taste, specialized for coffee connoisseurs and coffee shops who want to own a unique coffee taste.  Caffeine Content 2%

$13.90 for 500g


Che Phin 3 500g ground Trung Nguyen Coffee

Che Phin 3 is made from the best Arabica coffee beans in the world using the world's most modern technologies and unique aromatising process. Che Phin No. 3 has a lingering aroma, a rich taste with its typical Vietnamese Flavour  Caffeine content 1.7%

$13.99 for 500g


Che Phin 4 500g Arabic, Robusta, Catimore and Excelsa 4 bean mix especially for Phin

Che Phin No. 4 is selected from premium Culi beans Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor coffee varieties to create the best coffee. Che Phin No. 4 has the characteristic attractive Vietnamese fruit, chocolate and nuts flavour of the famous four bean blend.  $14.50 for 500g


Che Phin 5 ground Trung Nguyen Vietnamese style coffee 500g

Premium Series Che Phin 5 from Trung Nguyen is made from a blend of  selected Arabica (Culi arabica). Che mPhin 5 is the Strongest in flavour of the Che phin series. For those who are looking for unprecedented pleasure from the taste and aroma of coffee Choose Che Phin 5  -Ground especially with phin use in mind.  $24.74  for 500g

Ventilators for Vietnam

Note if Emaied to You Pictures display in News



West Australia Vietnam Business Council
PO Box 455, South Perth
West Australia 6951



18th September 2021


Dear Viet-Coffee Customers

Please be advised the WAVBC has underway a fundraising campaign underway to support the Rotary International Saigon’s initiative to purchase ‘Ventilators for Vietnam’. Please see attached presentation that has more detailed information.

Our campaign has started well with over $12,000 donated so far – and we remain in constant communication with Rotary International, Saigon who already have placed 37 ventilators in Vietnam hospitals – their target is 300 ventilators in hospitals by the end of November – they have just placed an order for another 100 ventilators.

We are pleased to announce our Fundraising Evening on Thursday 30th September (6pm – 8pm) will be hosted by the exciting new restaurant Art of Seafood (AoS) TA1, 306 Riverside Drive, Perth. The evening will include a few words of support from our Patron – Suzanne Ardagh and a brief update from Kyle Springer on just how the COVID pandemic has affected the Vietnam economy.

Canapes, beer, wine, and soft drinks will be included in the entrance fee.  Members - $30 Non-Members - $40. Registration is via Eventbrite on our website.

Our campaign of fundraising continues encouraging donations from Corporates, SME’s and Individuals who have either business interest in Vietnam or are just keen to support the cause. Donations are requested within the following categories:

  • Platinum - $5,000
  • Gold - $3,000
  • Silver - $1,000
  • Bronze - $500

In return those making donations will receive a WAVBC ‘Certificate of Appreciation’

If you wish to donate, please advise our Treasurer - Walter Leijen via email of your category treasurer@wavbc.org.au and he will forward an invoice if required and advise bank details for payment. Donations can also be made via our website and will close on Tuesday 28th September at COB.

Should you require any further information please feel free to give me a call.

Yours Sincerely


Hugh Collin
Vice President

Mobile:               0409642770                                   Email: Vicepresident@wavbc.org.au


The West Australia Vietnam Business Council is a registered not for profit organisation. For more information, please view our website www.wavbc.org.au – ABN 42 051 817 873



Supporting Field Hospitals:

Empty apartment buildings  and industrial buildings have been commandeered as temporary hospitals
Once patients are identified as “F0” or covid positive and in need of treatment, they are transported from their homes to these hospitals.
A typical hospital may admit up to 500 new patients a a day and have a capacity of 3,000 patients. Some field hospitals have as many as 5,000 beds.

Rationale and due diligence

We looked at oxygen tanks, large-scale built-in oxygen systems, invasive and non-invasive ventilators. We chose 10L/min oxygen concentrators as they are mobile, can treat multiple patients simultaneously, are re-usable even after covid emergency subsides and serve to alleviate pressure on ICU facilities by preventing patients from progressing to stage 4/5 illness.
All inputs and decisions were made with direct collaboration of physicians leading day-to-day treatment of covid-19 patients in HCMC.
The units we have chosen are readily available with reasonable lead times. Have Vietnam distributors who will fulfill warranty, delivery and maintenance requirements and have been deemed fit-for-purpose by the doctors we have consulted with.
Make and model may vary depending on stock availability and other factors but all meet minimum requirements.
Average cost $800-$900. Average delivery time 5-7 days



Preferred Brand and Supplier – XNOU M9 Oxygen generator

USD 560 net – USD 616 including VAT delivered and installed onsite.




Two formats for supplying machines

Some machines are given to specific hospitals and become assets of that hospital.
Some machines are retained by RCSI and given on a loan basis so that we have a rotating pool of mobile machines that can be delivered to respond to evolving needs. This may be in hospitals in Saigon, in hospitals in other provinces nationwide or in homes where home treatment is the preferred patient management strategy.
These machines are maintained and managed by RCSI.


ALL our TNI Whole Bean range back in stock - All the Vietnamese bean favourites you loved

All TNI whole bean back in stock - sorry it took a while they were at the bottom of the pallet and inaccessible but now we have set them free!!!



Breakfast TNI Coffee whole bean 340g

Bittersweet Citrus Notes

A perfect combination of the Arabica premium beans from well-known coffee-growing regions such as Brazil, Guatemala, Cau Dat and the Vietnamese Robusta premium beans.

Beans that were medium-roasted to give mild bitter sweetness and aroma, plus a hint of citrus to delight the taste buds and lift up your spirit for a new day.

Ingredients:-Arabica from Brazil, Guatemala, Cau Dat and some Vietnamese Robusta.

AUD 20.33
save 32%
(0 reviews)
Buon Ma Thout TNI Coffee whole bean 340g
SKU: SKU6221

Experience the Rich & Intense Buon ma Thout.

A typical blend of the finest Robusta & Arabica dark-roasted beans from the most well-known coffee-growing regions in Vietnam – Buon Ma Thuot & Da Lat, to produce rich and intense satisfying Arabica Robusta blend. 

Ingredients:-Arabica Cau Dat and Robusta Buon Ma Thuot.

AUD 12.86
save 20%
(0 reviews)
Da Lat TNI Coffee whole bean 340g
SKU: SKU62211

Rich aroma, Mild acidity & Light bitterness, Made from 100% Arabica beans being from Cau Dat in Da Lat – the best Arabica-growing region in Vietnam. These beans are medium-roast to give the typical rich aroma, mild acidity and light bitterness. (Not a typical Vietnamese Style Full roast – just about first crack with the oil just becoming evident and an ideal roast for your personal espresso machine)

Ingredients: Arabica Cau Dat

Mild Espresso single region origin with an international favour.

AUD 14.58
save 17%
(0 reviews)
Espresso TNI Coffee whole bean 340g
SKU: SKU622111

Rich aroma, Mild acidity & Light bitterness, Made from 100% Arabica beans being from Cau Dat in Da Lat – the best Arabica-growing region in Vietnam. These beans are medium-roast to give the typical rich aroma, mild acidity and light bitterness. (Not a typical Vietnamese Style Full roast – just about first crack with the oil just becoming evident and an ideal roast for your personal espresso machine)

Ingredients: Arabica Cau Dat

Mild Espresso single region origin with an international favour.

AUD 17.68
save 18%
(0 reviews)
SignatureTNI Coffee whole bean 340g
SKU: SKU6221111

Complex, Medium-body and Bittersweet

A gift crafted by TNI experts for the coffee lovers. From the choicest Arabica beans grown in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Cau Dat and Vietnamese Robusta premium beans at medium-roasted process for a wonderful complex flavour with medium-body and bittersweet finish. 


AUD 21.11
save 2%
(0 reviews)
Best water for coffee -TNI coffee creating women's enterprise group - container on way

Vietnamese coffee combines the ritual and pleasure of coffee with the street café, waiting for your phin to drip through and the world to pass you by. Introduced to Vietnam by the French and having its distinct style and when combined with Longevity milk it is a chocolaty, nutty caffeine hit.

Vietnam produces a wide range of coffee styles and qualities each with their own style and aficionados. From our bargain Saigon Phin Daklak to Trung Nguyen’s Legend all styles benefit from the right water.   

With coffee there is a growing trend now to replace a beer at the pub with a coffee at the café. We use it to carry us through the day as a heart starter in the morning, a commuter cup, the morning coffee break, a compliment to a great dinner  or a fix to keep us going for an all nighter.

Vietnamese coffee has been a great bridge builder between Vietnam and Australia with many Aussies having their first Vietnamese coffee whilst on holidays and then continuing their newly acquired delight on their return to Australia with the help of Viet-coffee



Great water makes great coffee

Water with very low chlorine and not excessive calcium allows allows coffee’s aroma to fully blossom.


Perfect coffee?

Espresso, americano, cappuccino, Cà phê nóng (hot black coffee) or with sua (milk) , or Cà phê sữa da (iced coffee with condensed milk), or  western style iced coffee  – sipped from a mug, French-style bowl or to-go cup. So many types of coffee and so many ways to drink it but all dependant on the beans and the water for our preferred taste.

Surprisingly a cup of coffee consists of approximately 98 per cent water. The high percentage of water is significant in waters ability to influence taste.. In addition to minerals, Australian water contains other elements, such as limescale or chlorine – in the wrong concentrations these are substances that impair your coffee’s taste.. Coffee pros know that using the right water is one of the secrets to a good cup.

And you may be lucky in that your tap water has the right balance of dissolved salts and chlorine.


Coffee consists of approximately 98 per cent water

Brita the water filter company say Filtered water boosts your coffee experience

If you are thinking distilled water will work better as all impurities are removed you are mistaken. There is a fine balance between having mineralised water and good coffee flavour . Depending on water softness Vs harness you get a different flavour profile



It is important to remove taste-impairing substances like chlorine or chlorine compounds. A filter can do this however letting water stand will also allow chlorine compounds to gas off without the expense of a filter


The result: water tastes cleaner and fresher – which means your coffee is more delicious.

Coffee legends

The origins of coffee is buried in legends.

One tells of a shepherd boy whose goats frolicked around after consuming berries.

Another speaks of monks who, after trying the cherries, threw them into the fire because they were too bitter. Intrigued by the aromatic scent wafting from what had been thrown into the fire, they made an infusion with the roasted beans and drank it. From that day on they were never tired again at early morning prayer.

A new life for your coffee maker and kitchen appliances

Smart baristas understand the benefits of filtered water. In addition to making great tasting coffee for customers, a good filter will reduce limescale build-up in coffee makers and automatic coffee machines. Reducing machine repair and maintenance costs and increasing longevity. With commercial coffee machines being so expensive you will often find an inline filter on a commercial machine

Coffee smarts

  • Coffee as we know it is the seed inside a fruit.
  • A coffee tree produces around 0.25 and 0.8 kilograms of raw coffee annually.
  • The two major coffee species are called arabica (Coffea arabica) and robusta (Coffea canephora).
  • Vietnam is the world’s number one Robusta coffee exporter.
  • A mix of multiple coffee varieties is called a blend.
  • Arabica being a high-altitude coffee grows at elevations between 900 and 1,200 metres.
  • One of the world’s best coffee is called ‘kopi luwak’ – the beans are fermented in the digestive tract of civets (luwaks) that live throughout Asia.
  • Finns are world champions in coffee consumption.


Other news

TNI Spreading inspiration to millions of women

In September 2020, TNI KING COFFEE together with the Central Vietnam Women’s Union officially launched a project called “Women Can Do”. The project will work with the  Women’s Union to create an entrepreneurial network for women. Over time providing an ecosystem of women’s entrepreneurial networks. There will be courses and information on Finance management, developing business support plans, training and inspiring entrepreneur spirit for women, the program has attracted a lot of attention and participation’s from women in Hanoi.

By the end of 2020, the program aims to organize 30 workshops locally to encourage entrepreneurship among Vietnamese women and inspire them to become successful busineses.

TNI KING COFFEE will support Vietnamese women living in difficult circumstances to join their network to show them how to start a business, how to plan and become an agent or distributor of King Coffee and transfer the knowledge of kiosk management, household & personal financial management to have an economically secure, balanced life.

The “Women can do” project aims to build a community of micro-businesses operated by women, which is one of the pillars of the Vietnams economy.