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Hatvala Vietnamese Tea

Hatvala Vietnamese Tea
Viet-Coffee Australia is currently partnering with Hatvala to being you the best of Vietnamese teas. Vietnamese tea must be one of the worlds best kept secrets and at present we offer five Hatvala branded Vietnamese teas.

This range is complimentary to our Cat Nghi tea range and the new Hatvala range offers Autumn Jade green tea, Five Penny tea (green), Flowery Oolong, a very special rare white tea by the name of Mountain Mist and a fantastic black tea called Wild boar. The owners of Hatvala have traveled extensively throughout Vietnam to sample and select the best teas that Vietnam has to offer and we support their assertion that they have found some perfect gems.

We support Hatvala as their business model is to buy directly from producers that they have visited personally, Hatvala have established that every care is taken to produce a pure and quality leaf. This business model is just as good as the Fairtrade system as the people who grow and pick the tea are those that get the benefit from grower direct rewards.

Together Viet-coffee Australia and Hatvala have selected for Australia a range of grower direct organically grown and wild teas. The high mountain wild teas are grown at at over 1200 metres, and are generally harvested by local hill tribes who will often need to climb high in the tree canopy with their collecting baskets to pluck the youngest, freshest leaves that provide the most appealing and complex flavours. Even with the estate grown teas the process remains relatively low on technology and relies heavily on manual involvement and the skill and experience of the teamaster to select the best leaves and judge each stage of production to deliver the ideal tea.


Autumn Jade. Jasmine Tea from Hanoi. Hatvala 100g
SKU: SKU1201
Jasmine tea from the famed Thai Nguyen region.

Several nights of mating of the Jasmine blossom for a delicate jasmine scent and flavored tea.
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FivePenny Tea. Wild Green Tea from Suoi Giang, Yen Bai Province. Hatvala 90g
High Altitude wild tea using the bud and first 2 leaves and traditional processing techniques for a stimulating flavorsome cup.
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Flowery Oolong Tea. Oolong Tea from Moc Chau, Son La Province - Hatvala 125g
SKU: SKU1203
Finest Oolong from a region at 800m Altitude with a short picking season and cool temperature withering.
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Mountain Mist Tea, Wild White Tea from Suoi Giang, Yen Bai Province Hatvala 90g
SKU: SKU1204
High Altitude wild white tea from 1200 m using the silvery single leaf bud and packed full of antioxidants.
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Wild Boar Tea. Wild Black Tea from Nghia Lo, Yen Bai Province - Hatvala 100g
SKU: SKU1202
High Altitude wild tea similar to Assam in style with wonderful coppery colour.
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