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enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and business of products from edible nuts (tree nuts) with the focus on cashew nuts, almonds, soybean

Our mission:

  • To customers: Vietnuts is a  company that ensures food safety while providinge a variety of high quality products that people eat       
  • To our people: Vietnuts is a company with a friendly work environment, committed to teamwork, mutual respect, and customer satisfactions.      
  • The development of Vietnuts: We will strive to continually grow market share, not only in the Vietnam market, but also in the world market.       

While adhering to our mission statements, Vietnuts strives to become an important partner for joint venture entities, while it simultaneously develops a reputation among corporate customers. Vietnuts will achieve these goals by respecting the skills and ideas of our experienced, professional staff.


Strategic orientation:

  • Vietnuts will become a manufacturer and leading business in Vietnam in the field of processing cashew nuts to exacting quality standards.         
  • Vietnuts will provide cost competitive products to the people of Vietnam that will serve to help provide comprehensive nutrition.       



  • We are committed to offering customers high quality products and ensuring professional standards of food safety.
  • We are committed to adhering to the principles of professional ethics and business ethics.        
  • We are committed to ongoing staff training and development of expertise to improve product quality and customer service as we develop and engage in global integration. We are committed to creating a professional and collegial working environment.         
  • We are committed to making a difference with our products by striving to continually improve quality, provide value at low cost, and build relationships with customers and partners.         
  • We are committed to the application of advanced technology in all aspects of production and business.         
  • We are committed to providing the greatest benefit to our customers, employees and society. 




Honey Roast Cashew Kernels 100g
SKU: SKU3581
Premium quality, whole, white cashews.  Crispy and delicately honey flavoured. Third shipment - limited quantity 100g sealed tin

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