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Creative 4 (Sang Tao) 340g Trung Nguyen Vietnamese style ground coffee 30 x 340g with shipping to New Zealand
Added: 17-09-2017
SKU: SKU15321
Creative Coffee #4 is blend of culi (single, unsplit) beans of Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. Strong, deep, dark and complex. The quintessential coffeehouse favorite, and Trung Nguyen's proudest traditional multi-bean blend. Currently 340g Sang Tao 4 340g Free shipping to New Zealand at this price

Now better buying in the 30 x 340g Sang Tao pack (just over 10kg) with shipping deal. (No extra shipping charge to NZ)

AUD 275.00
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Italian Espresso 500g whole coffee bean
Italian Espresso is lightly roasted to keep the cinnamon colour of the coffee beans, it is a blend of premium quality arabica, robusta and charri beans. This coffee has the traditional Italian espresso flavour with a hint of bitter and a long palate. With one cup of Italian Espresso, coffee lovers enjoy the natural flavor of Vietnam's Coffee produced by Viet-Coffee.

AUD 17.00
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