Viet-Coffee is the largest internet retailer for Vietnamese Coffee and tea in Australasia. Established in 2009 and growing ever since Viet-Coffee has partnerships with Vietcoffee Viet Nam, Trung Nguyen, Me Trang, Indochine, EMC, King Coffee, Hatvala, Cat Nghi, VietNuts and sponsor a number of charitable programs in Viet Nam

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EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 9 packs - with shipping
SKU: SKU360212

Fantastic for your Cafe su da - similar in style to Trung Nguyen's Creative 1

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Espresso Coffee Juree 1kg
Espresso blend - short and sharp. Blend of Vietnam, Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica, with a kick, a hint of nuttiness, a little spice, acidity and the sweetness of burnt sugar to finish.

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Indochine Espresso 250g ground premium Arabica coffee (Indochine Estates) FASTWAY ONLY - 48 x 250g with shipping cloe to code
SKU: SKU23022411
LABELED WITH Best Before 12/17 for 18months from manufacture double wrapped - Indochine's Signature Espresso Arabica coffee made from Indochine Estates Dalat Bourbon Arabica. This is a full bodied, mellow medium, dark roast coffee. It has a lingering aroma and no excessive bitterness.

This is fantastic black with it's intense aroma but still goes well with ice cream, milk or sugar.

Medium dark roast - full body - sweet - Arabica
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