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Metrang MC1 Arabic Robusta super clean ground coffee 500g
SKU: SKU36021421

One Kilo of Metrang MC1 superclean with delivery
Combination of Arabica and Robusta Coffee with all the flavours that make for a fantastic cup of Vietnamese coffee. A hint of Moka nuts and caramel for that full coffee flavour.

Stilll tsts Fantastic for your Cafe su da with bonus stainless steel phin - bbf 06/23 Still tasters like coffee

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Creative 1 (Sang Tao 1) 250g ground past bbf date Jan 2024
SKU: SKU12221

Creative Coffee #1 (Sang Tao 1) is a trademark heirloom Vietnamese Robusta originally established in Vietnam in 1890 - 1922, made from select Culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) beans for richest flavor.

If we are sold out check out our other Vietnamese Robusta coffee's in our EMC range or our all time favourite Saigon Phin Daklak - Pack is 250G

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Trung Nguyen Buon Ma Thout Espresso 500g whole bean premium Arabica Blend coffee past BBF
SKU: SKU230224113
Arabica Blend espresso roast. Full bodied with typical Arabica high notes but full body with good creama. past best before May 2022 - tastes like espresso
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Japan Green Tea : (Trà Xanh Nha­t Ban) 100g x 4 pack with shipping no box
SKU: SKU1384111
Japan Green Tea is produced by Cat Nghi Tea to the highest quality standards - Now available in bulk pack of 4 including shipping

No pretty packaging = $$ off

- NOT ABLE TO SHIP OUT OF AUSTRALIA AT THIS PRICE - contact us for overseas shipping price.
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Jasmine Green Tea : (Trà Lài) 100g x 4 with shipping in 500g post pack
SKU: SKU13822
No fancy tube packaging to take advantage of cheaper shipping

Jasmine tea may be made from a green tea base (see green tea) or Oolong tea base (see Oolong tea). The Jasmine flowers are ‘mated’ with the tea for about four hours and then dried – this process is repeated a number of times until there is just the right amount of Jasmine flavours in the tea.

The flowers are then usually removed by giant fans as the Jasmine petals are lighter than the denser Jasmine tea - some Jasmine teas retain the some of the flowers to give a visual treat.

Not able to ship out of Australia at this price. - special pricing no outer packaging
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Oolong Tea : (Trà Ô Long) 100g x 10 packs including shipping
SKU: SKU138311
Oolong Tea made by Cat Nghi Tea in the traditional way with the picking of the fresh leaves and then allowing the tea to ferment a little to give it more body resulting a tea that is refreshing and strong in flavour.

Tighlty packed vacuum packed tea allows you may watch the full leaves unfurl in the pot as they brew.

No pretty packaging - special pricing
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Cafetoland Guatemalan Arabica coffee beans from Acetango Valley
Shade grown, High altitude coffee - A marked acidity, fragrant aroma, balanced body and clean, lingering finish. Fantastic Espresso.

No manufacture date - old stock
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