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Ground coffee is available in the VietCoffee,  Trung Nguyen, EMC2, Metrang and King Coffee brands to cater for Western and Vietnamese palates.

The tradional vietnamese range encompases Vietcoffe's Saigon Phin daklak and Huong chon (Lady Fox) and Trung Nguyen's I Blend, Chin Phuc S, House and Gourmet Blend, the Creative range and the premium Legendee coffee.

In the Metrang Range we now have MC1,2&3 and the EMC Robusta. 

Vietnamese coffee may be blended to create you own special flavour.

House Blend may be combined with Creative 1 through to 5 or you may use Saigon Phin daklak instead of the House Blend.

Vietnamese coffee acheived through your blending process will give a fuller more complex palate in much the same way as a wine may be blended to give a fuller palate. Vietnamese coffee flavour is acheived through the selection of premium quality beans from the highland coffee regions and slow roasting.

The flavours of the blends are enhanced through the use of butter (e.g. Gout De Paris) and may have special flavours such as fish sauce, salt or hazlenut to enhance flavour. Fish sauce and salt must be used sparingly as you can imagine the flavour could quickly dominate the coffee taste. This sort of blending is for the experts.

Both traditional and western blends have the Vietnamese premium coffee flavour with each blended for their own special purpose as explained in each product summary.

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Traditional Vietnamese Coffee Blends
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Trung Nguyen Premium Blend Ground Vietnamese Coffee 425 g Can
SKU: SKU6531

Premium Blend roasted coffee with the famous Trung Nguyen 4 coffee blend of the best Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Catimor coffee beans with chocolate flavours

There are Characteristic Fruit nuts and Chocolate flavours like the other 4 blend coffees but in a can for added freshness.

Caffeine content: ≥ 1%. packaged in: Cans 425g.

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