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New Arrivals

Metrang MRo Arabica 70% Robusta 30% bean coffee 500g
Added: 30-09-2019
SKU: SKU36021442112112111
Super clean Arabica 70% Robusta 30% beans for espresso machine

A intense full espresso style coffee flavour and beautiful aroma from the pack with a hint of Vietnam

Good quality clean coffee blend beans for espresso machine use - medium roast

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Metrang CL Culi Arabica 70% Robusta 30% bean coffee 500g
Added: 30-09-2019
SKU: SKU3602144211211211
Super clean Arabica 70% Robusta 30% culi beans

A intense full mellow coffee flavour and beautiful aroma from the pack

Cui is reputed to be more intense with only one seed instead of the 2 from the coffee cherry

a great all rounde rhot phin coffee (that was a pun - see more on the detailed description)

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Metrang Weasel Arabica super clean ground coffee 500g
Added: 30-09-2019
SKU: SKU360214421121121

Specially enzymatically processed Arabica Coffee with all the unique chon flavour that make for a fantastic cup of Vietnamese coffee.

A smooth dark cup, less bitterness full mellow coffee flavour and beautiful aroma from the pack

Coloqually known as weasel coffee or Kopi Luwak

Fantastic for your Cafe da or a hot phin coffee

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On sale

Brim 'Captain' Arabica Blend 10 sachets x 12 g

Brims western style disposable phin coffee, 10 single use sachets for the convenience of real black coffee without anything else but hot water.

Single origin coffee from Brim's own family plantation in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

120g of coffee shared in 10 single use phin style sachet - Special offer 2 for one

Click here for How to use Brim Sachet

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EMC2 Robusta ground coffee 500g x 9 packs - with shipping
SKU: SKU360212

Fantastic for your Cafe su da - similar in style to Trung Nguyen's Creative 1

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Espresso Coffee Juree 1kg
Espresso blend - short and sharp. Blend of Vietnam, Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica, with a kick, a hint of nuttiness, a little spice, acidity and the sweetness of burnt sugar to finish.

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Indochine Espresso 250g ground premium Arabica coffee (Indochine Estates) FASTWAY ONLY - 48 x 250g with shipping cloe to code
SKU: SKU23022411
LABELED WITH Best Before 12/17 for 18months from manufacture double wrapped - Indochine's Signature Espresso Arabica coffee made from Indochine Estates Dalat Bourbon Arabica. This is a full bodied, mellow medium, dark roast coffee. It has a lingering aroma and no excessive bitterness.

This is fantastic black with it's intense aroma but still goes well with ice cream, milk or sugar.

Medium dark roast - full body - sweet - Arabica
AUD 144.99
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